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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Smart Lighting

Lighting image from our Pinterest board

If you've been seeing a lot of information in the media about smart lighting recently, it’s no coincidence. The new wave of smart lighting is a major deal in many ways.

Smart lighting is also very good news for homeowners:

  • Smart lighting is cheap, easily accessible, and extremely cost-efficient.
  • The new lighting includes a whole range of practical features like remote controls, and easy to operate systems.
  • Smart lighting will save you a lot of money on power bills. This new technology is specifically designed to deliver high energy efficiency.

The Latest Smart Lighting Coming on The Market

The new smart lighting coming on the market is a second, or even third generation of technologies. The new lighting includes some real innovations, like:

  • New LED lights: The latest LEDs come in a fantastic variety of types, perfect for décor, with excellent design and lighting options, including lighting up kitchen with mood lighting options – similar to the ones shown on our Pinterest board here; and here.
  • Smart light bulbs: These very efficient light bulbs have even been designed to look like the old glass light bulbs and use much less power.
  • Smart home integration:  Smart lighting naturally includes smart lighting system controls. This type of lighting system is offered by all major manufacturers, and can be integrated with Apple, Amazon Alexa, and other systems. (This really is smart technology; you can manage your lighting from anywhere in your home. Integration with smart home systems is also quite straightforward.)
  • Incredibly long product life: Believe it or not, these new smart lights really are made to last. Philips, General Electric, and other manufacturers estimate light globe life spans of up to 23 years! That IS value for money.


Finding the Right Smart Lighting for Your Home

A word of practical advice at this point - The first thing you’ll notice when looking for smart lighting is pages and pages of online search results for different products. That’s not the way to find what you need. You need to start from basics, and research your options with a bit of professional guidance.

The best place to get practical help about installing smart lighting is from your builders. Builders know the issues about installation, wiring, setting up systems, and above all, how to do these things for your home.

They can assess the situation for your home and give you useful advice about costs, too. If you’re considering any sort of major outlay for new systems, talk to your builders before entering in to any kind of financial obligation to buying a new system.

Better still – your builders will be able to walk you through the technologies, explain the onsite setup process, and all the technologies. They can also explain any unclear issues for you about smart lighting systems.

Talk to Us about Your New Smart Lighting

McDonald Jones Homes can help you with selecting smart lighting for your new home. The team in our MyChoice Design Studio are experts in helping you select the best lighting choices for your home and can help you with these decisions, plus show you what’s on trend and how all your choices can fit together.

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