Stoneleigh home design by McDonald Jones

Choose a Style of Home that Suits Your Personality

Stoneleigh home design by McDonald Jones

Our homes are an extension of ourselves. The homes we live in accommodate and amplify our particular habits, rituals, and strengths. On the other hand, living in the wrong home can suppress some of the natural enthusiasms and rhythms we feel for everyday life.

We’ve put together a quick guide on some of our favourite home styles, matching them to personality types.


The Scandi is the perfect style of home for the person who loves likes to be comfortable, but also efficient. Are you a person who likes an organised work desk and fills out their daily schedule with important tasks? If that’s the case, then you’ll appreciate the northern European cleanliness and efficiency of the Scandi style.

Our Scandi homes use organic, blonde materials and neutral white or grey backgrounds. These are matched with soft pastel accessories to give them that authentic Scandinavian vibe.

A Scandi dweller will be someone who doesn’t collect overmuch. If you prefer your home to be uncluttered with clean surfaces, you also want to maintain some of the traditional ‘home’ feeling rather than going excessively minimalist or industrial.


Unlike the Scandi style, the Country style is suited to someone who is a bit more of a wonderer – and wants a home that reflects the gentler rhythms of Australian country life.

With carefully selected natural fibres in our fabrics of cottons, wools, and linens, expect a more seamless transition from the indoor to the outdoor environments. Natural timber floors and textured carpets give an easy-going strength to an interior style that is comfortable, practical, and easy to maintain.

The Country style is suited to someone who likes to settle into a big, comfy couch and stare out the window at beautiful Australian scenery. While the Scandi style is more for the personality that enjoys apportioning time tightly throughout the day, the Country style is for the dreamer that doesn’t mind when 10 minutes slips into an hour.


The Hamptons style is for those who like to feel a bit dressed up and a bit posh, while also being comfortable and neat. If yours is a personality of ‘endless summer’ then you’re perfectly matched to the Hamptons style.

With their sun-drenched interiors where light and movement flow easily, as if on a summer breeze, our Hamptons homes are perfect for either work or play.

The Hamptons style personality puts the point of emphasis more squarely on entertaining and socialising than either the Scandi or the Country personality. A seamless transition from the indoor to the outdoor alfresco area signals a personality that is equally at home indoors or outdoors, cooking in the kitchen or sipping wine in the fresh air.

Do Our Designer Homes Suit You?

These are just a taste of the magnificent variety of home styles available to customers of McDonald Jones Homes. Our 30 years of experience means that we can deliver a designer home that will perfectly suit your personality.

Check out our gallery for more inspiration, or contact us directly on 1300 555 382 today!