Home Theatre Room, Portsea One Display Home, Wallis Creek, by McDonald Jones

Top 4 tips for creating a Scandinavian styled home

Home Theatre Room, Portsea One Display Home, Wallis Creek, by McDonald Jones

Scandinavian interior design has become a popular styling trend in modern Australian households due to its simplicity, functionality and its calm and natural qualities.

Inspired by the Canadian and Scandinavian design that emerged in the 50’s and became popular in the 90’s, our Interior Designers have recreated this look with a modern twist in our Portsea, a single storey design displayed at Wallis Creek in NSW.

After winning an award recently for the inspiring styling featured in the Pacific, the Interior Designers behind our display homes have shared 4 tips to recreate this beautiful and clean look in your own home.

1. It’s all about natural materials

Connection to the natural environment is critical to this look. Think about including wooden features, natural materials such as coppers and metals, plenty of plants and accessories that showcase flora and fauna (such as artwork) in your home.

In the Portsea we’ve really ramped up the style and organic appeal of the home through the use of natural timber. From the timber battens displayed on the front façade to the natural, blonde timber floorboards that coat the central living hub, the natural and imperfect traits of timber creates a sense of interest and comfort in the home.

2. It’s all in the colours

Scandinavian inspired design is about starting from a neutral backdrop. Crisp white walls offer the perfect basis for your home and will always look stunning, even if you choose to change the colouring or look of your accessories.

Brighten spaces up with a splash of colour and strong, bold tones in your accessories and furnishings to add contrast. In the Portsea we’ve used a striking illustrated wall paper and artworks to add contrast to the timber and white walls.

3. Simplicity is key

Remove visual clutter by drawing on minimalistic (less is more) styling throughout your furnishings – this creates a seamless flow of movement throughout the day and leaves plenty of open spaces. Furniture styling that is both organic in nature and offers simple lines creates interest and again reiterates the focus on natural shapes and materials. We’ve used streamlined wooden furniture and neutral toned lounges, chairs and bedding that help render more light in each room in the Portsea.

4. Ambient lighting
Think light…and lots of it. At the heart of Scandinavian inspired design is the desire to light up rooms so as to contend with the long, dark winters renowned in the region. In Australia we are lucky to enjoy a beautiful climate all year round, so why not take advantage of that!

Bring the outside in through a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor area and plenty of windows. In the Pacific, we have featured a window splashback behind the Gourmet Kitchen benchtop and bi-fold doors that extend the inside living area onto the outdoor Alfresco, so natural light soaks this living space.

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To experience the Scandinavian design featured in our Portsea you can:

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