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4 big TRENDS that will colour your world

Master Bedroom - Capri 15 Single Storey Home Design - McDonald Jones

Our team of Interior Designers from our MyChoice Design Studios consistently stay on top of the cutting-edge products, creative colours and inspiring themes that are trending all around the world.

They know the emotional response of every colour in the spectrum and are there to help you create a unique twist to a colour palette that reflects your family’s personality and lifestyle, and ties in with your overall home design, look and location.

Our Interior Designers have combed through the latest colour trends to highlight the ones that we think you’ll love this year:

  1. Become more in touch with nature: the natural Earth’s palette is a major trend this year. Reconnect with your natural surroundings by incorporating grape and olive greens, orangey coppers and clay tones into the décor of your living spaces. Bring in pieces of art and furnishings made from natural stone and wood to create the wonder of nature in your home.
  2. Unwind by surrounding yourself in cool, soft tones: we’re really seeing a shift towards subtle, calming tones that help us unplug and relax after a busy day. Think salmon greys, soft pinks and pastels that will help you feel rejuvenated. Design your own ‘quiet zone’ in your home by selecting a pastel coloured occasional chair and surround yourself in soft tones to create a place to escape to in the evening.
  3. Once the compliment, grey is now the feature colour: grey remains one of the most popular neutrals in 2015 and forms the perfect modern backdrop to the interior of your home. Pair muted grey toned walls, such as a soft Lexicon, with bold pops of colour throughout your accessories to give your home a stunning and vibrant contrast.
  4. Pair bold colours with soft whites to create a modern twist on a classic: Imagine the picturesque seaside villages in the Greek Islands and you’ll understand what this trend is all about. Create this look by choosing a few pieces or accessories in a deep Greek blue and position them against a stark white or soft grey feature wall. This will give you the feeling of being on holiday every day.

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