Love where you live?

Love where you live?

Love where you live?

Do you love your neighbourhood, but have you outgrown your home?

Or is your house costing you time and money due to all the maintenance required?

When you start looking at a renovation, we know that it can be incredibly expensive and disheartening, making a renovation hard to justify.

Knock Down Rebuild Is the Answer

In many cases a major renovation can cost double the per square meter cost (or more) of a new build, plus you will thoroughly enjoy a new home that you have chosen completely top to bottom.
The other aspect that frustrates renovators is that those areas you can’t or don’t renovate will stand out considerably when you start living within a renovated home which will impact your overall satisfaction with your renovation.

Instead of living with all the stress and frustration of a renovation, we encourage you to look at the option of a knock down rebuild, so you can create the perfect new home without all the reno stress.

Knock Down Rebuild Specialists – 3 Easy Steps

When you decide to do a knock down rebuild you will be filled with excitement of all the possibilities for a new home. From selecting the perfect floorplans from our range of award-winning designs. 

Our architecturally designed homes are highly functional and are universally loved for their stylish and modern features which offer practical solutions to transform the way you live.

Our team will guide you through the knock down and rebuild process and be with you every step of the way. From selecting the perfect design for your block and lifestyle, to our expert team of interior designers in the MyChoice Design Studio assisting you to create the home of your dreams to our construction, and client teams supplying you with photographs and updates on your build via the MyHome Customer Portal.

There are just three easy steps to building your dream home:

  1. We assess your existing home location and suitability for a KDRB
  2. We identify the perfect home design for your block, lifestyle and needs and explore the required development constraints and conduct a free initial site inspection.
  3. Our team prepare and present you with a quotation giving you clarity and confidence to take the next step towards your dream home.

There really is nothing better than a new McDonald Jones home. Your knock down rebuild journey will be made easy by our committed and professional team who love supporting our clients to make their new home dreams come true.

The perfect piece of land deserves the perfect home

Discover the possibilities and build the new home that you love. Ask us for a FREE QUOTE & SITE INSPECTION to transform the way you live!

Contact the knockdown rebuild experts on 1300 555 382 or visit a display home to talk to a Consultant today.