Two more winners down, two more to go!

Two more winners down, two more to go!

Two more winners down, two more to go!

We have had a huge few months, giving out over $600,000 to four worthy families during May and June.

Earlier this month, we announced our 10th winners which was an announcement that certainly pulled our heart strings. Joe Mullington and Ashleigh Ball came in to our Head Office in Honeysuckle with their little baby, Harper, after being asked to ‘sign some paperwork’ by their Building and Design Consultant Steve Briant. Little did they know they had won $300,000 towards their Hermitage Grande…

It was a beautiful moment watching Joe and Ashleigh find out their lives were changing forever.
You can also watch it here.

Even our staff who were there to watch this exciting moment were brought to tears watching the sincerity, relief and thankfulness on these young couple’s faces.

Our 9th major winners, Patrick Davison and Michelle Gordon, also received a huge surprise when they walked in to the Seaside Retreat on display at Shell Cove. Our team, including their Building and Design Consultant Margaret Johnson, were there to present them with a cheque for $292,900 towards their own Seaside Retreat that they are building as a knock down rebuild.

When we asked how it will transform their lives, Michelle said "We can take a bit of a sigh... It means a lot more financial ease for us both and less stress."

The Hunter region hosted both of our most recent Second Chance winners.

In May, our Stage 5 winner, Christopher John Van Lawick, came in to Homeworld Thornton to celebrate winning $30,000 towards his Lyndhurst with his Building and Design Consultant Mal Vuksanic.

Meanwhile, at our Huntlee display home with Building and Design Consultant Angela Workman, our Stage 6 winners Christopher and Megan Merchant were also able to celebrate about winning $30,000 towards their San Marino build with champagne and confetti.

We are looking forward to seeing all of these homes come to life.

With only 2 major winners left, who will be next?