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Is Your Style More Traditional or Modern?

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When choosing a home’s style, interiors and architecture, first home buyers will come to realise which styles they prefer. When it comes to taste in New South Wales homes, McDonald Jones are the experts in all things traditional and modern. In terms of aesthetics, a house has to feel like a home and that is why we are dedicated to finding you and your family the right style to suit your preferences and lifestyle. For inspiration in choosing a home and a home style, visit our Inspiration Gallery online now and browse through our expansive range of available styles, aesthetics, room options, display homes and home styles. Whether you’re on the hunt for single storey homes or double storey homes, first home buyers and property investors will both benefit from a little inspiration.

Traditional Homes

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Do you prefer warmer colour palettes or white neutrals? Do you like a maximalist styled home with colourful interiors (think Friends) or are you a minimalist? Traditional style homes usually have more décor, stylised spaces, warm colour palettes and slight curves and angles. When McDonald Jones thinks of traditional homes, we think of our Global home styles. Reflecting a deep love for global adventure, these designs are rooted in admiration for the world’s many diverse cultures. A beautiful blend of worldly finds, earthy materials and exotic patterns is the perfect mix of a traditional home style with unique interior features. Alternatively, our Classic designs also play with a traditional elegance amongst neutral colour palettes whilst maintaining a warm, clean and fresh environment for the whole family. For a modern take on luxurious classic design and architecture, try our Luxe designs.

Modern Homes

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Do you prefer minimalism? Is your current home made up of whites, beiges and clean neutrals? Do you prefer the industrial, urban look? When it comes to modern homes, the style is much more minimalistic, with sharp edges and clean, functional living spaces. Whether it’s a suburban family home, a single storey home in the city of Sydney or a double storey home with multifunctional living spaces, a modern home design can be the perfect choice for first home buyers. 

Contempo Display Homes by Mcdonald Jones Homes


What McDonald Jones does so well, is modern contempo home styles. Our Contempo design range features a modern look, that is constantly evolving without becoming cluttered or dark. The style is exciting and appealing, as it borrows elements from many periods of aesthetic interiors, all while remaining beautiful and practical.

Head to our Inspiration Gallery or contact McDonald Jones Homes in NSW today. Get started on finding your dream home with the experts in all home styles.

Discover Home Designs with Traditional or Modern Styles

architectural new home design saxonvale 42 hampton facacade
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11 Variations
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cobbitty display homes two storey st.clair 37 three hampton facade
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5 Variations
4 2 - 2.5 2 10.2
Veuve Executive Facade
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2 Variations
4 2 2 13.2
Seville New House Designs
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4 Variations
4 2 2 10.9