Choice air conditioners

What to Consider When Choosing an AC System in Australia

Choice air conditioners

Building a new home is an exciting process. While there’s a lot to think about when deciding on your dream home build, don’t forget to consider the type of air conditioner. After all, you deserve to feel cool and comfortable throughout the hot Australian summers, so the power, size, and style of your new AC unit are all very important. Here are the key factors to contemplate before investing in an AC system, by the home experts at McDonald Jones Homes.

Type of Air Conditioner

Let’s begin by looking at different AC types and which ones are best for new Australian home builds

First, portable air conditioning can be moved from room to room, but it’s not a permanent solution for a long-term family home. Window units were once very popular, although they aren’t great for cooling large spaces. 

That’s why split air conditioner systems have become one of the preferred options for open plan living. The air outlet is located inside the home and the compressor is outside, delivering reliable cooling power through multiple rooms. 

Ducted AC is another whole-home cooling solution installed either outside or in the roof. Ducts send cold air from the compressor to ceiling outlets to flow into each room, and you can set zones to conserve energy and only cool the living area or bedrooms. 

AC System Power, Size and Style

Deciding on the type of air conditioner is one thing, but then you need to compare the different power, size and style options available. A high-performance unit with the latest and greatest technology will cost more than a standard cooling system, although the size of the system also influences the cost. Make sure the unit is the right size to fit your property, keeping in mind that too small of a system will need to run continuously, resulting in higher energy consumption. If your AC unit is too big for your home, it will have a super-fast cooling on-and-off cycle, meaning it won’t dehumidify the air efficiently.

Energy Efficiency and Consumption

Making the right choice air conditioners is a sure-fire way to improve energy efficiency at home. The size of your new living space and your typical household energy consumption should be taken into consideration when deciding on a ducted or split air conditioner. 

Also, think about your personal preferences and how cool you like your home to be in the hot Australian summer. Make sure to invest in an AC system that has the capacity to meet your consumption requirements while fulfilling energy-saving standards. When in doubt, check the energy star rating.

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