Cooling Energy Savings Tips for Summer in Australia

Cooling Energy Saving Tips for Summer in Australia

Cooling Energy Savings Tips for Summer in Australia

There’s no denying Australian summers bring the heat, with temperatures regularly climbing into the 40s throughout New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory. Powerful air conditioning systems are a lifesaver all summer long, but what about saving energy at home? McDonald Jones Homes has a few ideas on how to improve energy efficiency in homes and achieve lower electric bill in summer. Check out our top energy saving tips for a cool, comfortable summer.

Use Window Coverings for Energy Saving

One of the simplest, smartest summer energy saving ideas is to close windows and blinds when the sun is out. Keep in mind that air leakage from windows contributes to around 25% of yearly HVAC costs, so keeping them closed and using shades and blinds to your advantage is always a good idea.

Try High-Reflective Film

Our tips to save energy also include using high-reflective window film. This safety film reflects sunlight to keep rooms cooler while also blocking UV light that can damage fabrics, furniture, carpets and wood floors over time, leading to a faded appearance.

Fan/AC Energy Saving Tips

Summer Energy Saving Ideas

Summer energy saving ideas include low-energy ceiling fans, too. When looking at how to improve energy efficiency in homes, you can always install ceiling fans, even alongside your AC. This cooling combo allows you to set the thermostat a few degrees higher without compromising comfort. Achieve a lower electric bill in summer by only using your ceiling fan on milder days, leaving your AC off.

Regulate Thermostat Settings

Another way to improve energy efficiency during the warmer months is to keep the thermostat at a consistent temperature. Ideally, you should set the thermostat as high as you can without compromising comfort, such as 23 or 24 °C. Keep the house warm if you’re out for the day and lower the temperature once you’re home, to reduce energy waste.

Improve Insulation

If you live in an older house, replacing the home's existing insulation with high quality material is a good way to achieve a lower electric bill in summer. Of course, buying or building a new home with enhanced insulation and a state-of-the-art HVAC system also helps.

Laundry Tips to Save Energy

Laundry Tips to Save Energy

Wash smart by keeping in mind how much heat laundry machines, dryers and dishwashers generate. Try to only use cold water for washing full loads and hang up clothes if you can. The less you use these appliances, the more energy you will conserve. Consider turning down the water temperature when you shower, too, as this will keep you cool in the long run and save on the energy it would take to heat the water.

Embrace Saving Energy at Home in a New Build

We hope you enjoyed these cooling energy saving tips. Now that you know how to achieve a lower electric bill in summer, all you need is your dream home.

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