5  tips to creating the ultimate hamptons style - McDonald Jones

5 tips to creating the ultimate Hamptons lifestyle

5  tips to creating the ultimate hamptons style - McDonald Jones

Capturing the timeless Hamptons inspired style and lifestyle is a popular trend for homeowners today.

Created on a classic, relaxed beach house feel that radiates sophistication inspired by the breathtaking coastal holiday destination in America, this style is well-known for being distinct and subtle at the same time and is the perfect dreamy accompaniment to relaxed living year-round.

Here are our top five tips on bringing Hamptons inspired design into your home for a look your whole family will love.

Start with the walls

The colour you choose for your walls will set you on the path to creating this relaxed, airy and coastal look. Choose a crisp white or a neutral colour for your walls, skirting boards and architraves to create an instant sense of light and flow in your home.  

Don’t forget your floors

Timber floors are an important element of a sophisticated Hamptons style. Both dark and light shades will equally work a treat for your home. If your home is already built, consider rugs and mats on your floors that help add to this look. Make sure you opt for lighter tones and use materials that are natural and feel soft and light under your feet. 

It’s all in the accessories

Accessories are an easy and beautiful way to create the Hamptons look. Accessorise your home with materials that are natural, for example timber, cane, linen, cotton and wool, and choose beautiful items in shades of white, creams and light blue. Think outside the square and draw inspiration for your accessories from the coast, such as by using glass jars, throws inspired by the warm sand, pieces of timber, large seashells, knotted ropes or nautical objects.       

Beautiful lighting

Incorporate a mix of lighting in your home to help tie your Hamptons look together. Opt for pendant lighting over your dining table and kitchen benchtop to help illuminate the space. Choose features that are subtle, offer a lot of light and feel natural in the home - a great option is clear glass. Go for medium to large sized lamps that are either made from a natural material or have a neutral base and choose white lampshades made from cotton or linen.

Embrace the beach

Hamptons styling is all about being inspired by the coast. This is the perfect opportunity to put the kid’s seashell collection to good use by displaying them in your home. Pour sand into a bowl or jar and place a candle inside to provide that hint of the beach on your dining or coffee table. Add some greenery by choosing coastal plants such as palms, lilies or a fiddle fig tree.
When it comes to styling your home, choose the features and elements that you love and that suit your tastes and lifestyle.

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