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The Quick 101 on finding the Perfect Home for your Family

Family Room - Sandalford Home Design - McDonald Jones

Finding your dream home can be a daunting task. With so many new home designs to choose from that cater to a range of budgets and ways of life; we have provided some tips to make choosing the right home for you and your family as simple as possible.

1. Map out your dream home

What features are important to you and your family in your ideal home? Whether you require three bedrooms, a study, would like a big space for entertaining or want the experience of indoor / outdoor living, your needs and desires for your new home should guide you in the selection process. Sit down with your family and jot down a list of everything you want and need in your new home- now and into the future.

2. Location, Location, Location

Whether you enjoy living in an urban setting or love the sprawling countryside, find a location that suits your family’s lifestyle and think about what comes next in your life and your needs both now and in the future. Make sure the location you choose has everything you need for easy living, including schools, grocery stores, essential services like hospitals/doctors, and close to where you work.

3. Stick to your budget

It’s smarter to buy a home that you can easily afford then shooting for the sky and overspending, leaving you with nothing left over to actually enjoy your new home; remember the living aspect is the real exciting bit. Speak to your bank and find out your borrowing capacity before looking for your dream home. McDonald Jones Homes has developed a range of architecturally designed homes for a range of budgets, so that we have a stylish home that will fit your financial margin. Don’t forget we also have special home loan offers available to McDonald Jones customers to make realising your dream home even easier.

4. Check out your options

Once you’ve mapped out a budget and your family’s needs you can start looking for your new home. A great way to see what is available is to visit a Display Home Centre. McDonald Jones has a range of Display Homes located throughout regional and metropolitan areas in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory, and we are regularly building more so that you can walk through some of our most popular designs as well as new never seen before homes. You can also use the floor plans and information on our website as a guide to working out a style that will best reflect the way that you live. Look for a home that will adapt to your needs and have rooms that can be repurposed to cater to your family as you grow.

5. Ask an expert for guidance

Our Building and Design experts at our Display Homes are there to make finding a home that will accentuate your life as easy as possible. Take the opportunity to go over your requirements with one of our experts so that we can give you an idea of your family’s options. You can also chat to an expert by calling us on 1300 555 382. Once you have chosen a design we will help you to make any adjustments to ensure that your home reflects everything that is special about your family and the way you live.

6. Choose a home builder who is passionate about just that, building your home

McDonald Jones has been building homes for Australian families for over 30 years and we still love every chance that we have to work with you to create the perfect home for your family. While we build your home, we understand that you bring it to life.

7. Dream home

Home really is where the heart is, so you want it to fit your desires and to express the way that your family lives every day. Although purchasing a new home is a big decision, it doesn’t need to be a difficult one and McDonald Jones are here to support you throughout every step of the journey and to assist in turning your dream into reality.
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