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As well as helping many new homebuyers with the latest looks and finishes, the interior design team at the MyChoice Design Studios have been busy researching the latest colour trends and home ware styles. Read on to discover why Clash, Newtopia and Purity are words you’ll hear a lot more of this season.

MyChoice Design Studio Manager Jennie Princehorn helps explain the three main colour and style movements. "Purity is a clean palette mainly white, teamed with soft pastilles, creating a clean soft finish. Its delicate nature is really welcoming and non-offensive which lets it be used across the entire house." Overall this reflects serenity and provides an environment to easily relax and unwind in.

Contrasting to this Jennie explains Clash. "Clash is a complete contrast, it really pops with bright neon colours and industrial influences. Features like hard industrial lines and metals are part of the look."This is bold and it really makes a statement.

If that’s a little radical, then Newtopia is also a popular style that embraces indoor and outdoor living. "It’s heavily influenced from Scandinavian design, chalky greys, organic and earthy tones work together to create a warm and homely feel." This palette provides a soothing and calming ambience.

Research for emerging trends, fittings and finishes is part of the everyday for the MyChoice Colour Studio team. It's all part of ensuring that we help create a home that truly reflects the individuality of each customer. Jennie adds, "Our job is to turn your house into a home you can truly call your own, a home that is uniquely yours. It really is the finishes and touches that reflect you. We love seeing the look on a client’s face when it all clicks together for them."

It’s such an exciting period in the building process and our team wants to ensure that everyone enjoys the experience, as we bring our client’s vision to life.

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