Your Style Guide

Matching Your Home to Your Vibe: A Style Guide

Your Style Guide

When designing your own home, you want to make sure the décor matches more than your lifestyle. Whether you’re the type who wants a place for everything and everything in its place, or one who likes to feel utterly cosy, you should try to match your home’s style to your vibe.

Here’s a style guide for all the different types of energies and vibes out there.

For the Modern and Socially Conscious Hipster

You listen to Tame Impala on your record player, you’re slowly making the change from vegetarian to vegan and you have plans to put a compost in your backyard. You need a house that vibes with your progressive attitudes and urban-meets-eighties style. The contemporary industrial look is just right for you. Like your lifestyle, your home will thrive on the raw qualities of imperfection that creates a look that is at once functional and stylish, minimalistic and rustic.

You Live and Breathe Beach Life

New South Wales and Queensland have some of the best beaches in the world. Whether you’re lucky enough to live close to the beach, or you simply can’t get enough of peace, love and sandy feet, your heart might find its home in a beach theme.

Embrace the colours and comfort of the coast by decorating with sea blues, crisp whites and sandy tans. Let in lots of natural light and use as many natural materials to build and finish your home as possible. Throw in a few bowls of seashells, and you can practically hear the waves crashing!

For the Traditionalist

Home is where the heart is, and that also means it’s where you can put on your trackies, walk around plush carpets barefoot and curl up on a soft couch to read a book. You want a home that’s as warm and loving as you are, a place where friends and family will automatically feel at home and welcome to sit at your table.

A country or farmhouse interior would be the perfect look for your home. You’d ideally want a focus on the kitchen as a place of congregation, so a nice wooden island with bar stools is a good place to start. Get this warm look by contrasting rustic timber floors and ceiling beams with soft textiles and pale beige walls.

You Love Nature, Yoga and Muesli

You’re the type to let a tear fall during animal cruelty ads, you need space in your home to practice yoga and you feel out of place if you can’t connect with nature. Why not bring a nature theme into your own home? Incorporate a bit of indoor-outdoor flow by adding organic and natural elements to your home so that you can reconnect with the world around you.

Create an open and modern living space that connects the kitchen with the dining area and the sitting room. Allow that flow to continue to an outdoor area. A great way to do this is to continue the same flooring from inside to out.

Timber or natural stone is a great way to continue the organic feel. Keep the living areas light and airy with neutral colour tones and textiles made from hemp or other organic materials.

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