Supaloc frames made with Bluescope TRUECORE Steel is a world leading framing system.

Extraordinary, inside & out.

Supaloc frames made with Bluescope TRUECORE Steel is a world leading framing system.

Supaloc Frames made with TRUECORE Steel are exclusive to McDonald Jones Single and Two Storey Homes because we believe a home should be extraordinary, inside and out.

Why Steel frames?

Many years ago, the McDonald Jones team determined steel frames were going to be the way of the future, identifying steel to be the best material for homes in the harsh Australian environment. 

A decade later, we have proudly built thousands of homes using Supaloc Frames made with Australian TRUECORE Steel, leading the market and using the latest technology to deliver extraordinary homes that now stand the test of time. 

Stylish Modern Homes

Supaloc frames made with Bluescope TRUECORE Steel is the leading framing system for stylish, contemporary homes. This exclusive system allows for large glass treatments, recesses which maximise space, individuality and architectural style throughout our homes.

Our range of modern, architecturally designed homes feature long spans, flowing open plan living spaces and architectural rooflines, creating a home for all to admire. Steel frames enable us to offer unique features, such as picture recesses and shower nooks, which our customers love in their new home.

Extraordinary Precision  

A house frame made with TRUECORE Steel is precision-engineered, using computer technology with a high strength to weight ratio which stays straight and true, with no warping over time. Providing this level of inner strength to your new home comes with the backing of an incredible 50year structural warranty* from Bluescope Steel. 

With a focus on quality and reliability, the Supaloc and TRUECORE businesses are committed to developing this world-leading system right here in Australia, providing a cost-effective system that is time-efficient to deliver.

As Bill McDonald says, “Building with BLUESCOPE materials means we get exactly what we want time and time again… and that’s exactly what we want for our customers.”

Efficient Home Building 

The unique, patented system delivers affordable and energy-efficient housing to Australian’s, and as the steel frames are pre-fabricated off site, it results in a far more efficient build time as frames made with TRUECORE steel are lighter and easier to work with and faster to install.

Accuracy and efficiency are also improved, and the frames come with pre-punched holes for services, which make work easier for plumbers, electricians and gas fitters.
Setting the Australian Standard

Australian Standards are created to ensure quality and functionality is achieved, improving the safety and reliability of products and services. 

It’s not hard to grasp the advantages of having a house frame made with the inner strength of TRUECORE Steel. The steel frame won’t catch on fire, like a timber can, so steel can help you achieve the building standards required even in the highest-rated flame zones throughout Australia.

Plus, the peace of mind you get knowing that you don’t have to worry about termites or other borers is truly priceless when laying your head on the pillow, knowing that there is no better frame in the world that a Supaloc Frames made with TRUECORE Steel.

“McDonald Jones architecturally design homes are inspiring. They look good, feel good and are great to live in, but most importantly, they are built to stand the test of time.”     Scott Cam

We believe your homes should be extraordinary inside and out, starting your home with the best framing system possible means you can focus on the aesthetics with excitement and peace of mind. 

Our team look forward to answering your questions and sharing more about the building process. Read more about why McDonald Jones are the steel frame experts

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