Find yourself at home

Find yourself at home

We believe the best designed homes have the power to bring out the best in people. They transform who you are, not just how you live. That’s what makes every McDonald Jones home so special.

We understand that a home is about far more than just walls, windows, benchtops or steel frames. It’s the place where you find your true self. The version of ‘you’ that you always wanted to be. The one that laughs more, shares more, connects more, loves more.

This is the real story of McDonald Jones homeowner’s Shane and Carly Blair. Shane regularly travels for work and often misses out on sharing special moments with his two children at home.

Behind the scenes

See what happened when we surprised Shane with a very special reunion and go behind the scenes as Scott Cam takes you through the incredible logistical effort that went into bringing this emotional commercial to life.

If you missed seeing the TV Commercial view it here

Smartly designed homes transform who we are. Laugh more, share more, connect more, love more.
View our home designs and discover the place where you find your true self