Massena Two Storey Home Design by McDonald Jones

Why You Should Choose a Skillion Roof Design

Massena Two Storey Home Design by McDonald Jones

Skillion roofs are becoming more and more popular in the Australian landscape, with many Australians understanding the appeal of a practical, elegant and affordable roof option.


Skillion roof designs are especially eco-friendly. When positioned correctly, they can truly engage with solar panels, ensuring significant sunlight exposure and allowing for good energy savings.

Water Savings

Alongside maximising sun exposure, the skillion roof is especially useful for those interested in water savings. The structure of the roof makes it easy for homeowners to collect rainwater when it rains.

Easily Constructed

When it comes to construction, skillion roofs also have strong advantages. They require simple materials and as such as easy to construct, taking less time to be built than another standard roof. This applies both to homeowners adding a brand-new roof, and those simply adding a new section to their existing roof.

The ease with which they can be constructed also limits costs, making them a cost-effective solution for those seeking to build a cheap home or for those on a budget.

Beautiful Design

The skillion roof is a popular roofing style for a number of reasons, one of which is the beautiful design element it adds to any home. Whether a homeowner wishes to update the look of their home, add a rural or industrial touch, or alternatively, add a feature of elegance – the skillion roof can be adjusted to meet their needs.


When it comes to skillion roofs, homeowners have two main choices: a classic or butterfly effect. The classic skillion roof adds an eye-catching design feature to any home, making it stand apart from those on the block. The butterfly skillion roof involves using two skillions together to create a wing-like effect, giving you a greater opportunity to customise your roof to match your home. Either way, butterfly or classic, the skillion roof will add volume, character and elegance to your home.

Take a Look at Our Gallery

Many of our customers choose to add a beautiful skillion roof to their homes. To see the attraction, have a look at our online gallery. Homes ranging from traditional to contemporary, like the Massena, Lexington, Miami, Seaside Retreat and Lakeside designs, can all be built with skillion roofs. The skillion roof will work with whichever budget you have, cheap home, luxury home or anywhere in between.

Long Lifespan

Skillion roofs are recognised as having longer lifespans than standard flat roofs. When constructed with durable, weather-resistant and high-quality materials, and when installed with effective insulation, a skillion roof will last longer. This is due to its resistance to extreme temperatures and weather events.

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Homes Available With Skillion Roofs

Whitaker Facade - Lexington 28 Two Storey House - McDonald Jones


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Accent One Facade, Miami Home Design, McDonald Jones
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Seaside Retreat

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Leighton Facade - Lakeside Home Design - McDonald Jones
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Accent One Facade, Miami Home Design, McDonald Jones
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4 Variations
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Massena Two Storey Home Design
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