Make the most of your backyard

Make the Most of Your New Backyard

Make the most of your backyard

You’ve just moved in, and everything is almost perfect. Almost! You just need to get your garden exactly as you like. This article gives some advice on how to get your dream backyard look.

Select Comfortable Seating

Make the Most of your backyard with comfortable seating

There’s nothing like watching the sun rise or set with a cup of tea in your comfiest chair. Get a set of outdoor seating that can handle the elements and also has comfy pillows to relax on for long periods. Don’t forget to accompany your seating area with a coffee table suitable for outdoors to rest your drinks and snacks as you relax.

Dine Al Fresco

Make the Most of your backyard with alfresco dining

Get a full dining table set for the family to enjoy dinner under the stars. Eating amongst nature ensures that your kids get some fresh air and provides a beautiful environment for the family to catch up.

Water Features

The sound of water is both calming and therapeutic. Invest in a water fountain or if you feel like a bigger project, build a pond! This can create an entire ecosystem of fauna and animals to enjoy, which you can enjoy too.

Fire Pit

Fire pit to make the most of your backyard

For those colder evenings, there’s nothing quite like sitting around a fire, hearing the crackle and pop of burning ember as you and the family spend some quality time together. When building your fire pit, be sure to meet all the safety requirements. And if you have young children, do make the space as child friendly as possible.

Plants and Greenery

Plants and Greenery for your backyard

Bring some colour into your backyard by planting flowers. If you’re green-fingered, then this is a great opportunity to get potting and planting and create your little garden of Eden. Not only will you benefit from the aromas, colours and stunning vibrance that plants can give, but you’ll encourage some of nature’s insects to pay a visit too!

Music and Sound Systems

As you relax in nature, a little relaxing music can help to make your backyard a cosier and more immersive experience. You can set a speaker up high in a sheltered part of your garden and connect via Bluetooth. If you don’t want to listen to music, then there are a range of nature sound playlists you can listen to that will enhance the outdoor experience.


Backyard Lighting

A few lighting fixtures can really set the ambience of your garden in the evening. You can get a range of colours and hues to set the mood, not to mention allow you to see where you last left your drink!

The View

Backyard View

When considering all the above, think about setting up your garden in a way that best takes advantage of the backyard’s best view. Whether that means for sunrise, sunset, or directing your furniture towards your water feature and plant, be sure to organize your space to its biggest potential

No matter what you do with your backyard, it’s important to make it your own and use it as a space to express yourself, filling it with all the things you and your family enjoy most. If you are looking for a home with a gorgeous backyard, then get in touch with the team at McDonald Jones Homes and we can help.