Winner 5

Two new winners!

Winner 5

January has been a huge month for our 30th birthday promotion, with another major winner announced and the first of our second chance winners drawn.

Earlier this month, Bill McDonald surprised Kevin and Marion Hennessy at our Kellyville display homes with a cheque for $300,000.

The Hennessy’s are now our fifth winners of the promotion and the second major winner to come out of the Kellyville region, both clients of Building and Design Consultant, Brett Hiscock.

“I think we’ve still got another couple to come out of Kellyville,” Brett said during the celebrations.

Conversely, Marion and Kevin weren’t expecting much from the promotion when they signed up to build their Bridgetown 38, which is also on display at HomeWorld 5.

“You hear you’re in the draw and you say ‘yeah okay’, but we didn’t think anything of it,” Marion said reminiscing back to when they started their build process.

But just in case they did win, she made sure to mention to Kevin that they would be upgrading to the brick she really loved!

Excited to start the next building phase, Marion added “If the tradies are half as good as the sales team, you’ll be doing alright!”

A few days later in Marsden Park, Building and Design Consultant Nathan Klein had the exciting job of congratulating our first second chance draw winners. Shannon and Ashley Tabone won $30,000 towards their Miami 16 being built at Jordan Springs. The young family celebrated with champagne, the Sales Team and their young son in the Miami 16 on display at Marsden Park.

We’re nearing the half way point of our 30th birthday promotion and have already given away almost $1.5 million. Who knows who our next winners could be!

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