Granny Flat 9

New Studio Suites – Space for them. More space for you

Granny Flat 9

Granny flats are fast becoming a more and more popular feature in homes across Australia, particularly in growing urban areas like Sydney.

Sparked by the trend towards children living at home longer to save for their own house deposit, a greater proportion of migrant families with multigenerational households, and an ageing baby boomer population, NSW in particular has experienced a huge rise in granny flats, with a 260% increase over 5 years to June 2014.*

“Families are looking at dual dwellings as an opportunity to accommodate the needs of an ageing population or support their kids in the process of saving for their own home deposit,” Michael Percival, Senior Residential Designer said.

“Plus, for investors and families alike, a second dwelling on their block presents an opportunity to earn extra income by renting the dwelling out and adds to the overall value of the home.”

McDonald Jones has developed a new range of cleverly designed Studio Suites which offer an innovative and modern twist on the popular granny flat. Featuring open plan living spaces perfect for entertaining balanced with generous private accommodation, these designs reflect a true appreciation for the way we love to live, no matter the occupant’s age.

“We’ve really ramped up the concept of granny flat living in this range of homes. Each floor plan has been cleverly used to make the most of space and provides the level of style, lifestyle, quality and liveability that is consistent with a McDonald Jones design,” Michael said.

Built as a separate residence to your home, the Studio suites combine a comfortable and luxurious accommodation zone with a vibrant living area complete with kitchen, living, dining and laundry space.

The inclusion of a large bathroom and storage options further reveal that these designs are all about providing independence and catering to the day to day needs of its residents.

“We’ve developed a range of floor plans to suit the unique way that you want to use your Studio Suite today and in the future. From the choice of enjoying seamless integration between indoor and outdoor living and the selection between one or two bedroom floor plans, no matter whether you use the second dwelling as a work office, hobby space, accommodation wing or rental, you will love these fantastic and innovative designs,” Michael said.

Click here to view the Studio Suites floor plans

*Sydney in the midst of a ‘granny flat boom’, Domain.