Retro and modern house on the beach

The Perfect Colour Scheme for Beach Style Homes

Retro and modern house on the beach

Looking for an aesthetically pleasing affordable house? The right colour scheme can make or break a home. A beach home deserves colours that complement their environs, from breezy blues to reflective whites, homely timber floors to chic tiles. Together with carefully picked furniture and decorations, some careful colour choices will create the proper beach aesthetic for your perfect beach home.

Here are some ideas from the team at McDonald Jones Homes based on some of our favourite designs.


The Massena home is a great beachside look that utilises clean, reflective white surfaces to amplify the sense of air and light. Utilising a mixture of grey and black furniture, some subtle indoor greenery, and black and/or white venetian blinds presents a modern aesthetic that is both distinctive and complementary to a typical beachside environment.


The Broadbeach design is notable for its emphasis on clean white and black reflective surfaces, modern metal appliances, white tiles and marble bench tops. A folding or sliding door that opens to a wooden-boarded seating area creates a smooth transition from interior to exterior.


With the Portsea design, you can employ timber floorboards and accessories, and a variety of whites, subtle greys and complementary tonal gradations to create a clean, airy, beach feel. Add in a few touches of green indoors to go with some native beachside flora outdoors, and you collapse the distinction between indoor and outdoor living space.


Our Lakeside homes are designed to combine high-quality luxury with comfort. With floor-to-ceiling windows, open dining and lounge areas and optional alfresco dining, you’ll want to make a balance of the sophisticated and relaxed lifestyles. Choose a mixture of whites, greys and light browns with a touch of blue to make your home feel like a constant retreat for the whole family.

Seaside Retreat

Fancy an airy, light, bright resort by the sea? That’s the aesthetic we aim for with our Seaside Retreat design. Using a combination of bright whites, darker and lighter timbers, as well as the occasional whitewashed timber wall, the heavily wooden emphasis delivers a feel that is both modern and slightly rustic. Modern furniture upholstered in subtle greys add to the modern feel, while tasteful water features may be employed to add to resort climate of this dazzling home design.

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Beach homes needn’t look all the same to maximise the advantages of their natural environment aesthetics. From the modern to the rustic, tastefully cluttered nautical themes to clean almost minimalist – the possibilities are endless for an affordable home that feels like a summer paradise. The team at McDonald Jones Homes are dedicated to revolutionising customers’ lives by bringing our 30 years of experience into the designer home industry. Contact us today on 1300 555 382 to find out more about our affordable beachside home opportunities.