Bontanica Display Home South Nowra

3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Visiting A Display Home

Bontanica Display Home South Nowra

What should you look for when buying a house? It can be confusing to look at a whole range of different options and not know which one is the one you want. When walking through a display home there are several questions to ask yourself in order to decide if it is the right sort of house design for you.

How Many Bedrooms?

The first question to ask yourself when looking for a house is 'how many people will be living there?' The number, size, and location of bedrooms is of prime importance. Are there built-in robes in all the bedrooms, as in our St-Tropez design, or only the master? What direction do the windows face, and when will they get the sun?

What are the Living Areas Like?

The architecture of the house is the architecture of our lives. It used to be standard practice that each room was partitioned off from the others—with a kitchen walled and doored away from any living or dining area. Nowadays people expect an open plan kitchen/living/dining area like in our Vienna design. You want to get a feel for how that flows, and if that fits with your intended lifestyle.

Consider how you would use the living areas for entertaining. In particular, outdoor entertaining, and how easy or difficult it will be to host groups of people that will want to mill inside and out. Designs like the Santorini or the Coolum offers precisely that sort of flowing space.

Does the Design Work on the Block?

Digital 3D walkthroughs are a wonderful help, as is visiting a display home centre. However, the most difficult aspect of buying a new home is the size and shape of your property. Something to keep in mind is the question 'will this design work on my block?' Or, if you’re looking to buy, of course, is the size of this property what I need?

Even on a block where you feel restricted for size, there are solutions if you’re still intent on living in a spacious, well designed, comfortable McDonald Jones Home. There are plenty of two story designs available, like the Massena or the Metropolitan.

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