Kitchen, Dining & Living room - Monte Carlo Display Home, Thornton

Home Features that Increase Resale Value

Kitchen, Dining & Living room - Monte Carlo Display Home, Thornton

Buying a home can be the biggest financial decision you make, so you want to get all the details right. In today’s fast-paced world, moving to a new house to accommodate career, children’s schooling or shifting extended families isn’t uncommon.

How can you ensure that your house will have great resale value when the time comes? A good principle is that whatever makes your home more liveable, makes it more attractive to a buyer, and drives up the price.

Climate Control

Having high quality climate control in your house can vastly improve your position when it comes to selling your house. Reverse cycle ducted air-conditioning across your home will keep you warm in winter, relieve you from heat in summer, and ensure that your house keeps its competitive edge in the market when it’s time to move.


It’s important to ensure that your car, as quickly as it depreciates, stays protected from the elements, and a sturdy and well-designed garage will provide that. Potential future buyers will feel the same way as you do about protecting their cars.

Solar Panels

Solar panels, and other environmentally friendly technologies, are a popular addition to new homes. As well as feeling confident in doing your bit to save the planet, you get the bonus of far lower (sometimes non-existent) power bills.


Having a deck, veranda or pergola out the back of your house is an appealing feature both for liveability and for your home’s worth. We all want a new house that can support a comfortable lifestyle, surrounded by family and friends. What good is a gourmet kitchen without an alfresco area to entertain in?

Finishing Touches

The devil is often in the detail. Small things like the design and look of your skirting boards and cornices, your choice of door handles, the function and form of your faucets, are all smaller choices that contribute to the grand design of a home.

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