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Upstyle your workspace: Tips & study nook ideas in NSW and ACT

Home Office Design

Is your workspace inspiring and functional? If not, it’s time to upstyle it!

As more and more of us begin to work remotely, as well as students undertaking more at home learning than ever before, it’s become vital to have a dedicated workspace in your home.

A designated study nook will help the students and workers focus on the tasks at hand and allow you to mentally separate the work zone from the rest of the house.

There are simple and affordable ways to upgrade your workspace in NSW or ACT, making it functional and enjoyable. This McDonald Jones Homes blog explores the concept of home office design and provides tips to upstyle your workspace. 

How to upstyle your workspace

Upstyle your work space

Just about anyone can benefit from having a functional, dedicated and upstyled workspace to enjoy working from home, tackling your to-do list, making headway on a creative project or simply catching up on some reading. You’ll love your workspace even more if you follow these tips.

Add some greenery

Incorporating plants into your workspace can offer multiple benefits. They act as natural air purifiers, absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen. The greenery can also reduce stress, boost creativity and enhance overall well-being. Opt for low-maintenance plants like succulents, snake plants or pothos. Ensure they receive adequate light and water as per their needs.

Create a focal point

upstyle your work place

A focal point draws attention and breaks the monotony of a workspace. It can also be a source of inspiration or relaxation during work breaks.
Choose a piece of art that resonates with you, a stylish mirror to reflect light or even a statement plant. Ensure the focal point complements the overall decor of the workspace.

Personalise your space

Personal touches make a workspace feel more like ‘your’ space, adding warmth and comfort. Display photos of cherished moments, souvenirs from memorable trips or even a shelf of your favourite books. These personal touches can also serve as conversation starters with colleagues or clients.

Keep it organised

Home Office Ideas

An organised workspace promotes efficiency, reduces distractions and saves time looking for things. Invest in desk organisers, use labels for clarity and make it a habit to declutter regularly. Remember: a tidy workspace is a productive workspace.

Add some fun office décor

While work is serious, a touch of fun can invigorate the space and uplift your mood. Consider adding a quirky lamp, a colourful throw pillow or even a piece of art that brings a smile to your face. These elements can add character to your workspace and help make it uniquely yours.

Living room study nook ideas from our display homes

Study Nook Ideas

When it comes to home office design, the possibilities are endless. 

Custom joinery

Some beautifully sleek cabinetry will create the perfect home office design for your stylish home, like the beautiful Hamptons styled Saxonvale 40, on display at HomeWorld Warnervale.
The crisp colour palette of whites and nautical blues, classic furniture and cabinetry give this office immense functionality.

A simple, stylish space

While it can be a big ask to reserve an entire room in the house for work, creating a home study space doesn’t have to take up too much space at all. It all comes down to the flow of your home and creating a space that is effective for your home. 

Whether it’s an in-built study nook or a repurposed sunroom, our clever living room study nook designs can help make your home office or study nook a practical and effective space.


space maximising study nook

We love making the most of every space possible and the Portofino, on display at Wongawilli, demonstrates a study nook perfectly positioned in the centre of the home, away from distractions like the living area and completely separate from the bedrooms. You can find inspiration from our study nook designs, also available in the Miami range.

Fresh and bright

This bright, light study nook in the Havana Encore Two, displayed at Moonee Beach, is a great workspace to think, complete and create. Our designers took advantage of the natural light that streamed into this space by designing this space in the children’s zone, away from the central living area.

Natural organic

A calm colour palette and organic materials are on trend and create a serene space to inspire work and study. The beautiful, organically styled Havana with study space at Moonee Beach makes great use of the layout whilst offering plenty of light and fresh air.

Final words

home office

By adding greenery, creating a focal point, personalising the space, staying organised and adding a touch of fun, you can transform your workspace into an area you love. We also hope these living room study nook ideas have inspired you and we encourage you to come explore our inspiring display homes to see these spaces for yourself. We hope our unique office décor inspires you to transform where you learn and earn!

The McDonald Jones Building and Design Consultants would love to help you find an incredible home design to transform your future, so visit our office space designs at our award-winning display homes, contact our team online or call 1300 555 382.