Granny Flat 9

Perks of a granny flat for your family in ACT & NSW

Granny Flat 9

A granny flat is an accessory dwelling unit on your property, usually in your backyard or under the same roof in a dual occupancy arrangement. They are becoming more and more popular with the rise of multi-generational living in New South Wales, and they are a very smart property investment.

Designed by McDonald Jones Homes, benefits of granny flats include the fact that they provide a safe space for grandparents or other family members to stay. Furthermore, these granny flat designs for families offer additional privacy and security for the property and save on property upkeep and land tax costs. 

With the right plans, it can also be a potential income opportunity. If you're seeking inspiration, there are numerous granny flat solutions outlined on this blog.

Granny flat benefits: A safe space for family

Granny flats offer a safe and private space for family members to stay and live. Multi-generational living is becoming a popular move here in Australia because it saves money, makes owning your own home more affordable and brings the family closer together. Whether you're looking into granny flat plans in Sydney for your grandparents to live in or for your older kids to stay in while they save for their own house, this space is private and safe.

Additional privacy & security

Modern granny flat designs for families offer additional privacy and security as somebody is likely to be home more often, which helps to reduce the risk of home invasion and theft. Modern granny flats are also completely private and provide your family members or guests total privacy when living with you or coming to stay.

Maintain independence

Granny flat solutions in NSW maintain the independence of the older or the younger generation coming to live in the house with you. You may be looking after ageing parents or offering a private space for your children to live in while they save for their own house. Whatever the case, your family can maintain their independence with our granny flat plans.

Save on Property Upkeep & Tax Costs

One of the key granny flat benefits is the savings on tax costs! As well as saving money on property upkeep, with an extra family unit in the home, you could also save on tax. Instead of having two houses for your family, keep it all under one roof. 

With our new home design, Soria, the granny flat is under the same roof instead of in the backyard. If the cost of your granny flat is more than your income, you could claim the loan interest and ongoing expenses, such as maintenance and insurance, as tax deductions. 

Increased Property Value

One of the most tangible benefits of a granny flat is the potential increase in its market value. Real estate experts often highlight that properties with additional living spaces, like granny flats, tend to attract a broader range of buyers. Whether there’s a family looking for extra space for their relatives or an investor eyeing potential rental income, a granny flat can significantly boost the appeal and, consequently, the price of your property.


In today's eco-conscious world, sustainability is a responsibility. Granny flats, with their smaller footprint, present an excellent opportunity to design a space that's both functional and environmentally friendly. 

With the right design elements, such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems and energy-efficient appliances, it can be great for green living.

Granny Flat Two: A spacious two-bedroom delight

The Granny Flat Two is a brilliant choice for more space when building your main home. This 2-bedroom design is perfect for larger blocks, boasting a spacious kitchen and dining area. Large sliding doors ensure ample light and provide easy access to the backyard. Whether you have adult children wanting proximity or want to generate additional income through renting, the Granny Flat Two offers versatile options.

Granny Flat Eight: The ultimate cabana lifestyle

The Granny Flat Eight is a dream for people looking for a cozy one-bedroom space in addition to their main home build. It is the ideal guest or teenage retreat and can serve as a home office. This one-bedroom Granny Flat is ingeniously designed to maximise light and privacy.
The open kitchen and dining area seamlessly transition into the lounge and the spacious bedroom comes with a wall-to-wall robe. A sizable bathroom and separate laundry further enhance convenience.

Granny Flat Six

The Granny Flat Six design is a testament to the smart utilisation of space. Despite being a one-bedroom flat, it feels expansive and open, thanks to its intelligent layout. The open kitchen and dining area lead into the lounge, making the space feel unified and expansive. Consider adding Granny Flat 6 to your home build with McDonald Jones Homes.

A trusted granny flat builder in NSW

Choosing the right granny flat builder can make all the difference in bringing your vision to life. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, McDonald Jones Homes ensures that your project is handled with utmost precision and care. 

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