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Is A House And Land Package Right For You?

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You’ve made the biggest decision of your life; you are going to buy a house. Financially, there is no choice more significant. Certainly, this is true for lifestyle as well. What are you near, how will you live, how much room does your family have to grow? But the real question is, how are you going to execute this plan? Below we will explore the idea of a house and land package, and how it stacks up against your other options.

House and Land Package Vs Buying

For a lot of people, building their own home seems like it would be a big expense, particularly when there are perfectly good houses around. However, buying a pre-existing home can include several unforeseen expenses and doesn’t come with warranties and inclusions like our house and land packages do.

You may need to spend money on renovations and/or extensions when the house you purchased isn't quite what you wanted. A house and land package can offer you the ability to build from the ground up. You get precisely the design that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Building Yourself

Not everyone has the time, energy, or expertise to make the sorts of calls that can land you in a high quality, comfortable and well-designed home in a reasonable stretch of time. Finding the right block and understanding the design feasibility is one area where some home builders come undone.

Plus building a custom home might give you a sense of freedom, but it can be incredibly expensive and much more time consuming, robbing you of the joy that comes with the ease and convenience of a house and land package.

McDonald Jones enjoys a strong partnership with many developers and land-owners in top locations across NSW and the ACT region. You can take the hassle out of finding land and then working out the house design which meets the council requirements by selecting a house and land package and working with our house and land specialists to customise these to your needs. See our full range of packages here.

Financial Advantages

When you are looking at the costs and the budget for buying an existing home or buying a house and land package there are some things you should consider like what’s included in the package versus the home you are buying and also what warranty are available.

At McDonald Jones we build in inclusions and upgrades worth thousands so you can move into your new home knowing it is exactly how you wanted it with all the extras like air conditioning, new carpet, landscaping. Our team of designers are involved at every step of the journey, so you can be assured of a quality product at the end of the day.

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