The Montecarlo home design by McDonald Jones

The FULL MONTE – hats off to a fantastic design

The Montecarlo home design by McDonald Jones

Here it is - the naked truth on why the Monte Carlo home design from the prestigious Stuart Everitt portfolio is causing such a fuss for families across the East Coast of Australia.

It isn’t just the way that this popular design provides for so much more than just the bare essentials, with lavish spaces that make every moment at home a cherished experience.

And it isn’t just the wide, open plan spaces that elegantly embrace indoor and outdoor living, making entertaining a must and simply inviting you to relax and put your feet up.

Nor is it the dreamy private accommodation wings that create the perfect sanctuary from the sometimes hectic world around you.

No – when it comes to the secret to the masterpiece that is the Monte Carlo, it all comes down to the perfect combination.

“The magic of the Monte Carlo is not tied in to one distinct feature. It is that seamless and balanced combination of all the best elements of modern architectural design - luxurious details, striking style, functionality and easy family living - that make this home a truly remarkable place to live,” Building and Design Consultant, Graeme Luke said.

Graeme is based in our Fern Bay display home that features the Monte Carlo Executive Elite design. The Monte Carlo Executive Elite displayed in this stunning, coastal location was awarded Hunter Home of the Year at last year’s HIA (building industry) Awards.

“There is more to this home than just the alluring and spectacular street presence that it provides, no matter the location. Every breathtaking architectural detail, the simple movement between each space and the way that the floorplan simply complements and enhances the natural flow of day-to-day life are all impressive elements of a beautifully appointed home,” Graeme said.

“No matter the floor plan you choose, and there are a lot of variations on the standard Monte Carlo design available, you immediately get the sense that this design offers something truly special to homeowners.”

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