Right size home for empty Nesters

Discovering the Right Size Home for Empty Nesters in NSW and ACT

Right size home for empty Nesters

The kids have grown from precious babies to independent adults and have now flown the coup, leaving you with a huge, empty house. The thought strikes: Is it time to downsize? For countless empty nesters in NSW, downsizing is a strategic decision, not a fleeting idea. 

With retirement possibly just around the corner, now could be the time to start considering resizing your large home for one that provides for your specific needs both now and as you grow older. Downsizing offers financial benefits, less maintenance and a chance to start a fresh chapter in a space tailored for the new phase of your life; however, finding the right size home is more nuanced than it appears. 

Several factors, from lifestyle to budget to unique needs, are pivotal to this decision. Dive into this guide by McDonald Jones Homes to demystify these factors.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Empty Nester Downsizer Homes

Empty nesters are not a monolithic group; they are as diverse as the lives they’ve led. Some are active retirees, keen on exploring the world and undertaking other hobbies. Others might still be working, needing a home office or proximity to the city, while some find themselves caring for elderly parents, requiring a home with specific features to cater to their needs. 

“I think the most important thing for couples and singles looking to find the right size home to provide for their needs throughout the rest of their lives is that while they are looking for a smaller, more manageable home, they shouldn’t have to sacrifice on all the lifestyle elements they love. That’s why our affordable new series homes have been a big hit with empty nesters,” Tim said. 

Think About Your Budget

While the idea of a smaller home might seem synonymous with a smaller price tag, it’s essential to consider all financial angles. Setting a clear budget is crucial. Downsizing costs are not limited to the price of your new home. There are moving expenses, closing costs and sometimes, unexpected renovations to your existing home to consider. By estimating these costs in advance and setting a realistic budget, you’ll be better prepared for the transition.

Consider Your Needs

Empty Nester Downsizer Homes

Beyond lifestyle and budget, your requirements for the home itself are crucial. Some empty nesters might want an extra room for visiting family, while others may prioritise storage space for decades of memories.

It’s good practice to list your non-negotiable features, from accessibility provisions like ramps or handrails, to a garden space or a larger kitchen. Prioritising these will help you make a more informed choice. 

Explore Your Options with McDonald Jones Homes

Our Now Series range of homes has been designed to offer all the best features of modern architecture and craftsmanship at an affordable price, without sacrificing the lifestyle elements that modern families want. 

These new series homes cater to first-home buyers and empty nesters looking for a living solution on a smaller block of land that meets their unique needs and provides true value for money. 


Lucia Home Design for Empty Nesters

For families looking for a little more space in their new home, Lucia is a popular choice. The “Lucia” design by McDonald Jones Homes offers several features that could also appeal to empty nesters. 

Lucia is a modern single-storey home, making it more accessible for those with mobility concerns. The design prioritises functionality, ease of movement and convenience. 

The accommodation consists of three generously sized bedrooms, all with built-in robes. Each room has easy access to a family bathroom and a light-filled laundry room with access to the outside of the home.

Opt for a Granny Flat or a Multi-Generational Home

Homes for Empty Nesters - Multi Generational Homes

McDonald Jones Homes recognises the shifting dynamics in today’s housing landscape, driven by economic factors and evolving family values. As housing affordability becomes a growing concern and family members opt to cohabit for longer, the demand for multi-generational homes has surged. 

This multi-generational home trend has seen families encompassing up to three generations or more choosing to live together, reflecting a significant change in living patterns. Addressing this shift, McDonald Jones Homes offers an array of housing designs to accommodate the extended family. 

Granny Flat Homes for Empty Nesters

There are single-storey and two-storey homes, spacious enough for several generations. Alternatively, the modern rendition of the traditional granny flat is another option offered by McDonald Jones Homes. We have a solution for every family.

Final Words

Determining the right home size for empty nesters entails carefully examining individual lifestyles, budgetary constraints and specific household requirements. As life evolves, so do housing needs and it’s paramount to prioritise features that align with this new chapter. McDonald Jones Homes understands these dynamics, offering specialised designs.

For a tailored approach to your downsizing journey, contact us online or call us on 1300 555 382 to schedule a free consultation.