Flexible Home Design

Beyond Storage: 11 Uses for Spare Rooms

Flexible Home Design

Got a spare room you’re not sure what to do with? Or maybe a hobby you’re struggling to find room for? At McDonald Jones Homes we ensure that every home we build is custom designed for the family who will occupy it, so whether you need a little extra room, or a little less, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top ideas for spare room uses, with something to suit every family.

1. Craft Room

Craft supplies have a way of multiplying and spreading themselves across the house. Why not give them a dedicated room, a space just for you to spread out and get creative!

2. Woodwork Project Room

For new home builders, there’s often a host of fun projects to get your hands dirty with after the build. A purpose-built woodwork project room is a great way to keep the dirt, grout, glue and paint off the carpet. Deck it out with easy-clean materials like tiles for a no-fuss project room.

3. Hobby Room

Darts? Model trains? Creative writing? Board games? Whatever your hobby, when building a new home, you have complete freedom to add in a spare room just for you to enjoy during your leisure time.

4. Relaxation Room

Your home should be a sanctuary, and sometimes you just a space where you can get away from it all. To achieve this, turn your spare room into an area for private thinking, relaxation and even meditation. Keep the décor to a minimum and remove excess technology, and you’ll have the ideal location to clear your head.

5. Man Cave

Whether it’s a traditional man cave, a fabulous woman cave, or an area for mum and dad to share, truly personal spaces – especially for adults – are great for the home. You could set up your old vinyl record player, install a mini-fridge or a bar, and create a space that truly belongs to only you.

6. Kids’ Playroom

Keep the kids happy and mess out of sight with a kids’ playroom.

7. Library/Reading Nook

The home of every bookworm needs a library, complete with reading nook for a true literary escape pad.

8. Home Theatre

With the prices of movies and televisions becoming increasingly more affordable, the home theatre is now a must have in your new home. Most of the homes from McDonald Jones Homes feature a home theatre as part of the standard floor plan. This makes it easy to kick back, put on the popcorn and stretch out in your PJs, all for a fraction of the price of heading to the cinema.

9. Pool Room

A pool room – for actually playing pool, not the “straight to the pool room” kind of pool room – is perfect for families who like to entertain. Add a dart board and TV to create a complete gaming room – perfect for getting together with friends to watch the footy.

10. Home Gym

Because, honestly, who wants to leave the house in their daggy sweatpants?

11. Dressing Room

The dream of just about every woman (and more men than would admit to it) is to have a dedicated dressing room. Shoes tiered neatly on one side, garments colour-coded on the other, a makeup station in the corner, vintage velvet ottoman in the centre – what’s not to love?

If you’re looking for a flexible floor plan that really provides for the unique way that you love to live, get in touch with McDonald Jones Homes or view our new home designs online today.