Miami 16- Master Suite

3 New Displays Homes open at Hunter HomeWorld 2

Miami 16- Master Suite

Our brand new display homes at Hunter HomeWorld 2 have been open for less than two weeks and are already the talk of the town for families looking to create their dream home.

Featuring three of our most popular and in-demand designs, the stunning Monte Carlo Executive, spacious Miami 16 and inspiring Havana Executive, it’s no wonder these new displays are causing a lot of fuss.

“Building and opening these three popular and breathtaking display homes in our own backyard, the Hunter region, has been a great way for us to finish off 2015,” Andrew Dimovski, Building and Design Consultant at Hunter HomeWorld 2 said.

“These designs really showcase the attention to detail, level of thought and the many quality materials that go into one of our homes. We have already had lots of families commenting on the architectural merits and craftsmanship excellence showcased in each design.”

The brand new Monte Carlo Executive on display has always been a popular choice for families looking for a well-balanced floorplan that features the accommodation wing towards the back of the home and the Home Theatre and lively living hub towards the front.

For families looking for a home that really appreciates the privacy and intimacy of every family member and the way that life just happens every day, the Miami 16 on display with huge Master Suite located near the Alfresco is undeniably an outstanding choice.

“The Havana Executive is renowned for its ability to cater to families today and tomorrow. The home we have on display at Hunter HomeWorld 2 really showcases this by creating the perfect accommodation wing for the kids or guests alike with an additional Children’s Activity space and Study Nook, so that this space can easily grow and transform with the needs of the family,” Andrew said.

“It’s no wonder these designs have become a popular choice for local families.”

While words and floor plans tell a lot about these stunning new display homes, there’s nothing quite like experiencing them for yourself.

If your New Year’s resolution is to find your dream home, then you’re going to want to come and explore our brand new Havana Executive, Monte Carlo Executive and Miami 16 on display at Hunter HomeWorld 2.

“Make sure you come and have a look and get a real feel for these fantastic designs and don’t forget that we can help customise these to suit your individual requirements,” Andrew said.

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