Miniature house model and Financial statement with coins. Finance and house loan, saving money for a house or material design concepts

Why a Cheap House will Cost You More than You Think

Miniature house model and Financial statement with coins. Finance and house loan, saving money for a house or material design concepts

The Australian dream of buying a house has never felt as far away for some people as it currently does. Many millennials are turning to cheap houses in an effort to secure their spot in the housing market. Unfortunately, this often results in a wealth of problems that could’ve been prevented with affordable, quality house building services. In this article, we’re discussing the many issues that can come from buying a “cheap house”.

Houses with Hidden Problems

In the current housing market, there is usually a reason for a house to come with a surprisingly low price tag. When you purchase a cheap house, it’s likely that you’ll find hidden problems throughout. These may include old and faulty plumbing, subpar insulation, water damage, or pest infestations. Of course, many issues can be found with a building and pest inspection; however, these tools are costly and can overlook potential flaws or areas that are about to become a problem. When you buy a home with hidden problems, you’ll be allocating a lot of your budget to fixing these issues when you could’ve spent that money in other ways.

The Home Won’t Match Your Lifestyle

One of the best things about building your own home is the customisation options at your fingertips. Although there are things that can be changed in cheap homes, you’ll be stuck with certain issues. If the configuration of the rooms or the way the home faces doesn’t suit your lifestyle, there is no way you can rectify this once you’ve purchased the home.

Choosing an affordable house design from McDonald Jones Homes will ensure the home your build is completely matched to your needs and style preferences. Take the time to consider what kind of home will suit your family and find a design that represents the way you want to live.

Stuck in a Bad Location

As we mentioned earlier, there’s usually a reason why a house is priced so low. You could find yourself living in a bad neighbourhood or you could be stuck far away from amenities such as public transport, shopping complexes, and schools. With a house and land package from McDonald Jones Homes, you can build a home that suits you in a location of your choice. Living in a bad neighbourhood can compromise how you feel about your home and it can make it extremely difficult to find a buyer if you choose to sell in the future.

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It’s time to make the move into your own brand new home. With McDonald Jones, we make it easy for you to start living the great Australian dream with fantastic, affordable homes and finance options available for you through our partner MyChoice Home Loans. With interest rates currently so low, there has never been a better time to build. Contact us online or call 1300 555 382 to start the journey to your best home yet.

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