Exterior - Bronte Acreage Home - Lochinvar - McDonald Jones

Living the Acreage Dream

Exterior - Bronte Acreage Home - Lochinvar - McDonald Jones

There is something undeniably charming about living on a grand acreage block. From enjoying the peace and quiet to having the space to build the home of your dreams, country living offers endless advantages.

Lochinvar Building and Design Consultant, Steve Briant, has shared his tips with us on what to consider when choosing the right block and home for your new acreage life.

Before even choosing your design, Steve said it’s important to ask yourself a few questions.

“Ask yourself ‘do I want to take in the view from the front or rear of the house?’ and ‘do I want a pool or a shed?’. Start thinking about how you want your driveway and landscaping too.” 

When it came to choosing the design and placement of your home on the block, Steve also had some advice.

“Placing the house on the block to maximize its views and solar benefits is a key element to perfecting your dream home,” he explained.

“The correct choice and layout of your home will also be critical for your outdoor entertaining areas. How you may include a BBQ area or an outdoor kitchen can really be the cherry on top of the ideal design.”

While our Building and Design Consultants can help you with all these elements that will define your actual home, Steve explained that their job goes even further.

“If you don’t have land yet but want to build, we can help you find the ideal block for your lifestyle and needs. 

“There are a number of great acreage locations in the Hunter Valley at the moment, such as Rosehill Estate in Millfield, Wyndham Ridge, Greta, Radford Park, Branxton & St Helenas in Lochinvar. They all offer many opportunities to live the acreage lifestyle on well developed & serviced blocks.” 

Finding the perfect home and block of land isn’t always as easy as it seems. Talk to an expert like Steve today by sending us a message or visiting one of our display homes.