McDonald Jones great tips on how to organise and declutter your Bedroom will help you enjoy your space.

Home Organisation - Bedroom Bliss

McDonald Jones great tips on how to organise and declutter your Bedroom will help you enjoy your space.

Our home organisation series continues this week and we share our favourite Bedroom organisation tips to help you create a calm and organised Bedroom, free of clutter, easy to tidy and to enjoy.

Bedroom Ideas & Design 

Good Bedroom design should maximise space and offer functionality and flexibility to meet a range of tastes, blocks and lifestyles. 
Considering the overall design of the Bedroom is important when you are re-organising as you want to maximise the functionality of your Bedroom space and get the most out of the design to ensure plenty of natural light and enable airflow to ensure a healthy environment for you to rest.

Bedroom Styling & Organisation

Having a well-organised Bedroom will allow you to enhance your personal style in your most personal space. So here are some of our favourite ways to get organised in the Bedroom:

Bedroom Storage

Hidden storage is a great way to get your bedroom organised whilst keeping with the styling of your home.
Furniture with storage like blanket boxes or beds with under mattress storage or bed frames high enough to add baskets or drawers under the bed are ideal organisation pieces for your Bedroom. 

Delightful Drawers

Before you drag an old piece of furniture out to the curb, consider repurposing the drawers as under-the-bed storage (add wheels to make access even easier). Bonus: They blend better with the room design and are better for the environment than plastic boxes.

Taking organisation a step further - storing your wares in cute compartments helps you instantly see what’s in each drawer, but it also helps you to put things away nicely and keep your drawers organised even when you are rushing to get dressed and out the door. 

Take Care of Your Treasures

Vertical Storage as Art

Use a Pegboard to hang your necklaces and earrings and by framing it the pegboard and adding some of your favourite photos and art you create a functional and beautiful, personalised vertical storage.  

Sort Earrings like Ice Cube 

Perhaps you won't use this for your fanciest jewellery, but a humble ice tray keeps earrings neatly contained and together.

Wardrobe Of Wonder

Store Shoes Heel to Toe
By organizing your shoes from heel to toe, you can maximize space (a.k.a. room for more shoes!), giving you a quick survey of colour, toe style, and heel height to help speed up getting dressed.

Hanger Hints

  • Hook your hangers together with a tin can tab, as hangers doubled up use way less closet space.
  • Add a few coils of pipe cleaner to your hangers so that strappy tanks and slippery silk blouses won't wind up on the floor as you flip through them.

Use Hooks and Shower Rings to Solve Clutter
Instead of draping your bags, belts and scarves across your furniture or in boxes you can’t access easily, corral your accessories neatly together on a hook or shower ring and hang in your wardrobe for easy access. 

Expert Organising:

1. Stop clutter before it lands. It’s easy to let things pile up in unused space, so try blocking your bedsides or dressers with beautiful styling pieces which can’t be dumped on. Beautiful pieces like: frames photos, candles on top of book stack, plants or sentimental figurines stop spaces from becoming piles to be purged!

2. Utilize Dead Space Over the Door
Stow robes, blankets, extra pillows and towels up and out of the way – so they are accessible in the space they will be needed, but out of the way in warmer months.

If after attempting these Bedroom organisation tips you’re still unsatisfied with your Bedroom or Home Design and you want to explore what a new home could do for your lifestyle, our team are available to meet with you to discover your desires for a new home. 

Our Building and Design Consultants are available on Live Chat, on our website, from 9am – 9pm every day or you can contact us here or call us on 1300 555 382.