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First Time Homebuyers: Why a House and Land Package Is the Best of Both Worlds

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Purchasing a home and land package has many benefits. Not only are your earnings paying off an investment that increases in value but you can also personalise your living space to your preferences, put a shed in the backyard, and do pretty much what you want.

House and land packages are an excellent choice for all homebuyers, especially first time homebuyers who can take advantage of incentives — like the first homebuyers assistance scheme — to own a home of their own sooner. Here are four reasons why first homebuyer house and land packages are the best of both worlds.

House and Land Packages Have More Included

House and Land packages come with loads of value included. Many packages come with a fixed price and include things like tile or laminate flooring, carpet to bedrooms and media rooms, 2.55m ceilings, stone benchtops, appliances, air-conditioning, concrete driveways and landscaping. With many builders these things are extras but with a McDonald Jones house and land package all this work is done for you.

What’s more, you’ll also save money on home maintenance costs over the first 5-10 years and enjoy peace of mind with home builders insurance.

More Outdoor and Entertaining Space

Naturally, property sizes and layouts differ but, overall, house and land packages provide generous outdoor and entertaining spaces in comparison to existing homes. Whether you’re planning on starting a family (or extending it), love entertaining or simply prefer to spend as much time as possible outdoors, you’ll find that new house and land packages provide the outdoor space you need to live the lifestyle you want.

Call a Safe Local Community Home

Most house and land packages are located in estates or developments, with each residence constructed in the same period, albeit often months apart. This provides the opportunity for new residences to become a part of the local community sooner — as everyone has called the area home for a similar period of time — and also makes for a safer local community.

When the majority of residents are homeowners, this means they have shared interests in keeping their local community clean, safe and enjoyable for all to reside. As a first homebuyer there’s no stamp duty so you can call a safe local community home even sooner.

Make the Most of the Incentives

Federal and State Governments offer financial incentives like the First Home Owners Grant and the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme to help Australians own their own home and enjoy the many benefits that homeownership provides. Whether you’re already renting or moving out of home for the first time, these incentives can help you to get into a home of your own quicker. This helps you to avoid paying rent, which is essentially ‘dead money’, and invest your earnings into a property that benefits you, not your landlord.

McDonald Jones has house and land packages available in many states and territories and has an excellent reputation as one of Australia’s leading first home builders. To get a real feel for the design and build quality of our homes, visit your nearest McDonald Jones display home. Alternatively, contact us online or give us a call on 1300 555 382 today.