Coping with a New Home and Baby

Coping with a New Home and Baby

Coping with a New Home and Baby

Expecting a baby means big changes are on the way, and many of us make physical adjustments to accommodate this exciting event. It is common for Australians to consider a new home at this point and this makes the coming chapter even more exciting. But it can also make things stressful. Here are some tips for coping when these two big life shifts take place at the same time.

Maintaining a Sense of Control

Despite our best attempts, it is natural to feel apprehensive at this time. Bringing a baby into the world is filled with the unknown and this is what makes it so exciting. It is also a time when the home environment becomes more important than ever. Nesting instincts draw us towards the creation of cosy, safe spaces that we can depend on. Keeping the process of buying a new home in the safety zone will greatly alleviate your overall stress.

McDonald Jones Homes are experienced providers of quality Australian homes. We are devoted to making the home buying process as stress-free as possible, especially for young families. Every step of the way, we offer you the opportunity to communicate with our team and make the big decisions, so you always feel in control.

Design Options to Suit Growing Families

A growing family has particular needs and we understand this. That’s why our homes are built for ease of living, comfort, and functionality. In consultation with our team, you can choose a floor plan that best suits your family now and into the future. Here are some ways to bring peace during this transitional time.

Number and Position of Bedrooms

Consider the number of bedrooms and position of these in relation to each other, as well as the bathrooms. This will help you to visualise how you can best be there for your family while still getting the respite you need.

Quality Appliances

Family life is busy, especially with very little ones, and quality appliances can help take the pressure off. Knowing your kitchen appliances, hot water and laundry won’t let you down is a huge relief. Quality appliances are also built for energy efficiency. This means keeping costs down at a time when you need it most, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.


Storage is a big concern for many homemakers and it can be worked into your design plans in advance. This way, you can avoid having to purchase freestanding storage devices after the event.

Outdoor Areas

Enjoying time relaxing as a family keeps things in balance. Outdoor areas are a great place to connect and unwind with kids. McDonald Jones Homes knows how to best take advantage of what nature has to offer in your region, so talk to us about how outdoor areas can work for you.

Interior Design

Choosing your own colours, fixtures and finishes is an inspiring and a fun way to prepare for time in the home with your new baby. We have a wide range of design options so you can wholeheartedly embrace the nesting instinct and create what your heart desires.


Safety in the home is a big concern for families. A well-designed home will naturally work to avoid mishaps and unwelcome events. Poorly arranged floor plans, trip hazards, slippery surfaces or home security flaws are the result of inferior design and craftsmanship. McDonald Jones Homes is devoted to providing the highest quality homes so you and your family can always feel safe at home.

If you are interested in building or buying a new home, contact McDonald Jones Homes on 1300 555 382 to talk to our experts.