Floorboards vs Carpets vs Tiles

Floorboards vs Carpets vs Tiles

Floorboards vs Carpets vs Tiles

If you are making plans to purchase a new home, your mind must be absolutely stuffed with details. You’re planning out colour schemes, how your mother’s china would look in your modern dining room, and what kind of lighting schemes you think will best accent the furniture. Just one more thing to consider is what type of flooring you’ll choose.

Now, of course, the flooring will depend entirely on the room of the house you’re considering. In this post, we’ll compare floorboards, carpets and tiles to give you a better idea of each.


Who doesn’t just love wooden floors? They instantly give your home that warm look that can go from rustic to classic in the change of a stain or grain. Floorboards are a great material for your home. Traditionally, people keep the use of floorboards for rooms like the living room, dining room and lounge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up by laying down floorboards in your bedroom or even your kitchen if it suits!

If your new home is modern, wooden floors can really add a touch of class and warmth by enveloping the clean lines and seamless polish of modern features.

Some homeowners choose wooden floors because they are more hypoallergenic, not holding onto dust and pet hair like carpeting would. In addition, floorboards, when well-tended, can last a long time and are more environmentally friendly and sustainable than synthetic materials.


Carpet has become a classic in homes that really want to add that warm touch, especially if you have small children running around. Carpet is an affordable option for flooring and it has capacity for versatility as well. You can get carpets in thousands of different colours, textures and patterns that suit your style perfectly. And if you like to change up your home décor every few years, the ease of installation and lower price make this a great option.


Tiles are incredible because they are so very versatile. You can get them in so many designs, shapes, colours, and textures. You can even get tiles that look like wood! Tiles leave lots of room for experimentation. Why just fit out your bathroom and kitchen with boring porcelain lines when you can spice it up with a shifted herringbone look? Fit out your bedroom with natural stone tiles that lead to a terrace, giving your home a true indoor-outdoor flow.

Many homeowners love tiles as well because they are sturdy and long lasting, which is why they are a long-time favourite in the kitchen and in the foyer. In addition, if you live in NSW or the ACT, tiles may be a welcome material to help you keep cool in those sweltering summers.

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