Currently Trending Bathroom Ideas

Currently Trending Bathroom Ideas

Currently Trending Bathroom Ideas

Choosing the perfect bathroom is tricky; you’ve got to think about layout, choice of materials, tiles, doors, windows, appliances, décor and functionality. With so many design elements to consider, achieving your ideal bathroom is no mean feat. Take a look at our favourite trending bathroom ideas to help find the perfect look for your bathroom.

1. Stone Look Tiles

Natural, stone look tiles give your bathroom a down-to-earth, luxurious feel without breaking the bank. Ceramic stone look tiles are available at a fraction of the cost of limestone tiles and will last just as long (if not longer) when properly treated.

2. Subway Tiles

Subway tile design is when the colour of the tiles and the colour of the grout contrast with each other, creating a dramatic look typical of America’s subway system. Usually, the tiles are white with black or grey grout, but sometimes they can break out with colour and dark grout.

3. Louvered windows

Louvered and shuttered windows, such as plantation shutters, are appearing in modern homes across the country. Louvered windows are perfect for warmer climates as they allow the breeze to flow freely through the bathroom on warm nights. We use plantation shutters in many of our designs as they are easy to adjust and let in the perfect amount of light and air.

4. Hidden down lights

Down lights tucked neatly behind overhangs give a warm, cosy lighting effect. This look is a welcome change from glaring fluorescent strip lighting.

5. Double sink

The double sink is making a comeback, especially in homes designed specifically for couples and big families, like our Beach House design. These designs recognise the bathroom as a hub of activity, with family members coming and going throughout the day.

6. Discrete Laundry

Rooms like the laundry are an obvious mainstay in every home, but just because they’re practical, it doesn’t mean they’re enjoyable. One cutting edge trend is making separating work from play simple. More and more often, laundries are being hidden away without sacrificing on accessibility and space. This ensures that the daily chores always feel miles away. Adding to this, the discrete laundry will usually feature a door that opens up to the outside on the house, allowing you to make an easy getaway from those dirty socks!

7. Fully functioning ensuite

With the idea of the master bedroom becoming a “parents’ retreat”, the humble ensuite has grown into a fully functional bathroom. It’s a space for parents to relax, recoup and get ready for the day in privacy. If you’re building a new home, choose a home builder whose designs come with an ensuite bathroom as standard in the master bedroom.

8. Indoor plants

Indoor plants, especially ferns, hanging air plants, creepers and succulents are hugely popular as modern, bohemian styles are trending right now. If you enjoy a touch of nature in your bathroom, choose the above mentioned plant types, which often thrive in such a moist, shaded environment.

McDonald Jones makes choosing all the finishes and features of your bathroom easy through our MyChoice Design Studio. With a huge range of options and floorplans to choose from and a team of Interior Designers and building specialists to help you along way, creating the dream home to suit your unique tastes, desires and lifestyle is easy. Get in touch today to start your home building journey.