Lisa's colour selections for her acreage home

My Colours, My Way

Lisa's colour selections for her acreage home

So you’ve signed the dotted line and your dream home is now only a few months (and a lot of work) away.

You’ll start thinking about the ‘Colour Selections’ appointment you will have coming up. If you are like me, you’ll have walked through the floor plan in your head millions of times. You’ve lost sleep laying there, placing every single piece of furniture in the house, you’ve hung the art on the wall and you’ve imagined cooking in your new kitchen.

My husband was sick of hearing it all by the time our appointment had come. So, with design as my background, I prepped and planned well before colours. Armed with my MyChoice Design Studio folder, I googled, researched and collated every sample I could to start piecing together my mood board. I started with the colour palette and worked out every detail from there. The canvas was blank and I was beyond excited by the possibilities.

Then, I realised I had a budget that I had to stick too. So I needed to think about where it was really worth spending the money initially and what I could live with for a little while before we could make some changes. The kitchen was my must spend. I had pictured this space in my head so many times. I was prepared to lose other items to have my masterpiece. So, my shaker kitchen and navy blue island bench was my top priority.

My husband told me to choose wisely, we weren’t updating bathrooms or the kitchen for at least 10 years. So for me, design then became really simple. Choose classic. Choose quality. Choose neutral. So with my colour palette, my folder and research, I pieced together our forever home.

Our home had a central focal point, my navy island bench. That was it, the only colour we would have in our home. Everything else was grey and white. Crisp, clean and simple. This was never going to date and any space could be transformed by simple homewares and textures.

When it comes to your MyChoice Design Studio appointment, be prepared. Have a clear picture in your head of things you want to splurge on and things you can live without. Know your budget for not only upgrades in the studio, but also for homewares (will you be using your existing furniture or buying new?) and from there, find your design style. What kind of feel do you want in your home? Sit with your Consultant and discuss this. Use their knowledge and put together a picture.

Your biggest friend in the lead up to your appointment will be your folder. Study it, know it inside and out.

Once you have that picture in your head, the hardest part will be the wait. The wait that feels like forever before you see each choice come to life in your home. Only then, will you feel relief that those choices from tiny little samples were the right choices and that you have created a beautiful home. I am so in love with each choice we made for our Modern Farmhouse.

Lisa and her family moved into their beautiful Hermitage Grande Manor during the end of 2017. As a mother of three, she spends her spare time documenting the life of her young children and styling her truly Instagram-worthy acreage home.

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