Benefits of Steel Frame Homes

The Benefits of Steel Frame Homes

 Benefits of Steel Frame Homes

Most Australian homes are built with a timber frame. That is, until recently. Steel frame homes are increasing in use and popularity, especially in New South Wales, Queensland and Canberra.

Steel frames are made for Australian conditions, making them the best frames if you plan on investing in building a new home. If you’ve never heard of steel frame homes before, here is some further information about them so that you can consider them for your new home.

Precision Engineered to Be Strong and Durable

Supaloc steel framing is leading the way for steel frame houses by incorporating TrueCore steel (made in Australia), making these frames the strongest, safest and most secure of all framing solutions.

Each component is built to be attached and bolted together, making for serious stability. The roof locks to the truss, which locks to the wall frame, which locks to the slab. It’s so strong and stable that it comes with a 50 year structural warranty.

Termite Proof

There is no actual way to proof a timber home against termites, and they have wreaked their havoc on homes Australia-wide for many years. However, steel framing means that those pesky termites won't even sniff your home out – they’re 100% termite proof, which can save you thousands of dollars in maintenance and chemical termite treatments.

Additionally, thanks to steel framing you can look forward to better health by staying away from toxic chemicals and hazardous pesticides that are used to deter termites.

Architecturally Sound and Modern

When you want a home that will last for decades, you want to choose something contemporary with clean lines and strong finishes. Supaloc steel frames are precision engineered to be dimensionally accurate. How it’s built is how it will stay—no shrinking, warping or moving.


Whether you want to live in a stylish inner city home or a large country cottage, you can make your home the way you want it to be with steel framing. It is an affordable option that allows for flexibility for the budget-conscious and the budget-free.

More Environmentally Friendly

Instead of using timber to build your house’s frame, you can choose a more eco-friendly option. Because the TrueCore steel is so lightweight, it can allow for designs that will help leave the site in a more natural state. TrueCore is made by BlueScope Steel, which means that it is manufactured from recycled steel.

Fire Resistant

If you live in New South Wales, Canberra or Queensland, you’re already well aware of the very real dangers of bush fires. Steel frame homes are more fire resistant because steel is not combustible.

Water Resistant

You don’t have to worry about water damage rotting the inside of your beams and framing when using steel. No matter what storms come your way, steel frames will not succumb.

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