Huntingdale- Glebe Facade

The Benefits Of A Corner Block Vs. A Regular Block

Huntingdale- Glebe Facade

The corner block is coveted real estate on a suburban street. Corner block homes have many advantages; they have more access points, more opportunities for windows in the home, more spots for parking, and bigger gardens.

Plus, because the corner block is so open and versatile, it gives architects the opportunity to play with different architectural styles in the design stage.

All of that adds up to a higher quality of life, and potentially a higher resale value. No wonder building a house on a corner block is such a popular choice!

Corner Blocks Let The Light In

In an ordinary block, where a front-facing home is flanked by houses on either side, options for windows are limited. If the houses are built very close together, or if the neighbouring buildings are tall, then effective windows are limited to the front, and possibly the back, of the property.

On a corner block, there are more options for effective natural lighting. Because the corner block faces two streets, that means there is the option of having at least two unobstructed walls—not to mention the windows that look into the back garden.

Corner Block Homes Are Better For Privacy

When you're sandwiched between two other homes on a block, it can sometimes feel as though you don't have any privacy.

Noise or sounds come from both sides, which can be a real problem, you can feel like somebody is eavesdropping on you or that you are living in the same house as your noisy neighbours. There’s nothing worse than a loud talker, a loud TV or if the kids next door are learning a musical instrument.

Homes on a corner block typically have fewer neighbours (they're only bordered by two other homes, rather than three), and there are generally better located, away from noise.

Specially Designed Corner Block Homes

It's no use having access to all those wonderful features of a corner block if you don't have a home designed to take advantage of them. That's why our team at McDonald Jones Homes have designed specific floor plans for corner blocks.

For example, the Eaton takes advantage of the open space afforded by a corner block and compliments it with architectural simplicity. The light-filled Boronia is airy and spacious, as only a corner block can be, and the impressive Huntingdale looks great from all angles.

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