Building a New Home

7 Clever Storage Space Tips

Building a New Home

No matter how spacious your home is, finding the right storage space for all of your belongings can be a tough task to tackle. After sorting through your belongings for the move, things just seem to multiply at your new home and the storage space battle just never seems to end. If you’re struggling to find space in your home, check out our clever storage ideas for both existing and new homes below.

1. Make use of the high cupboards

Utilise vertical space by using high cupboards as well as the low cupboards in the kitchen, bathroom and anywhere else they appear in the house. If you can’t reach the higher cupboards, you can pick up a small, steady step stool from stores such as Ikea for less than twenty dollars. Store less frequently used items, like formal dinnerware and Christmas decorations, in the highest reaches.

2. Store your wine more cleverly

Store your wine and/or aged liquor collection up high out of the way. High spaces close to the ceiling rarely get used, but are perfect for storing things that you don’t need to access very often. The San Marino and Sandalford can have built-in wine storage between the fridge and the ceiling. Talk to your expert homebuilders about adding this feature to your design.

3. Organise your wardrobe

Finding room for new items in the wardrobe can feel like a constant uphill battle, but just taking a couple of hours to sort, pare down and arrange your wardrobe items will leave you with a larger amount of space. If you’re building a new home, a walk-in-wardrobe or even a complete dressing room will make a great addition. With McDonald Jones Homes, walk-in-robes come as standard in most of our designs, giving you less to worry about.

4. Invest in a sideboard

If you don’t already own a sideboard or buffet, you’d be truly surprised at the amount of items these pieces of furniture can hold. You can stack away all of your tableware, liquor, vases, even bits and bobs like board games, first aid supplies and sewing tools.

5. Make use of your spare room

Consider installing extra shelving or wardrobes to keep mess out of the way. You can find some great under-the-bed storage solutions at major department stores, too.

6. Add shelving

Some of our home designs feature built-in shelving units in convenient areas, including the Ambassador, the Monaco and the Tenterfield. If you find your house is short on storage, add shelving units like these. Bronte also features shelving around the television in the home theatre as well as ample display shelving in the Children's retreat.

7. Invest in furniture with built-in storage

Wherever possible, go for furniture items with built-in storage space, for example: a bed with a storage drawer underneath, a hinged chest coffee table, side tables with drawers, a desk with built-in drawers, or shelves with slide-out storage boxes. Why not turn unused space into functional storage room?

To view our range of spacious new homes with ample storage space, take a look at our Stuart Everitt Collection, or get in touch for more information.