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Are you a Hoarder? You need a de-cluttering boot camp

12 October 2017
Cluttered garage with toys and boxes scattered

You don’t really have to be a hoarder to have more clutter than you can handle. Clutter is a huge problem in some homes, particularly where space and amounts of clutter don’t mix too well. It tends to accumulate when families grow, and inevitably, so does the clutter. Space management is the key to dealing with clutter and you can use it very effectively in your home.

The Problem with Clutter

Clutter is essentially too much in one place but, of course, the issues are a lot more complex than that. Some people do fall in the bracket of hoarders but most don’t. The usual story is that holding onto unnecessary belongings has used up all available space.

While keeping the things you love is an obvious must, there’s a serious downside when keeping things creates real clutter. Ironically, clutter isn’t good for the things you store. They get put into reduced amounts of space, get squashed and may accumulate moisture. The result is that these things, some of which may be irreplaceable, are damaged or lost.

How to Fix Clutter

The modern minimalist ideas are all about eliminating clutter, but that’s a slightly misleading image. Minimalism isn’t really about empty spaces; it’s about efficient storage. De-cluttering is really about space creation and making better use of available space.

These are some effective options for managing clutter and creating space:

1. Go through everything thoroughly: Make the time to organise your things into specific categories and groupings. This will also make everything a lot easier to find so it’s well worth doing.
2. Containerize everything in top-quality containers: This will protect your valuable things much more effectively and is vital for long-term storage.
3. Consider storage options: You can get custom-made storage from cabinet makers to create efficient storage. There is expert help available to make sure your storage is a good fit for your home.
4. Home renovations: You can design a new space and add an extension to deal with clutter and free up space in the home. This is great for real collectors; it covers the proper storage angle, allows for collection displays, and also frees up space in the home.

Building a New Home and Want to Deal with the Clutter, Too?

You may be surprised to learn that your new home can also be a solution to your clutter issues. Modern home design can do anything these days and it’s great for creating extra space, too. New home designs can be elegant, exciting, and above all, practical space managers.

If you’re thinking of upgrading your home, you can do yourself a future favour by factoring in the need to manage clutter. You’ll be astonished what’s possible with some of these new designs. You can build in storage everywhere and really end the clutter problems. You can have a nice minimalist design and keep your priceless belongings un-cluttered and in good condition.

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