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Stuart Everitt and Stephen John Rose - McDonald Jones Architects

McDonald Jones are bringing dreams to life with our new range of stunning, affordable and architecturally designed homes.

Complimenting our existing award-winning Stuart Everitt collection of homes, the new Two Storey, Country Living Collection, NextGen and GenOne collections are perfect for anyone entering the market for the first time or families wanting to experience the elegance of alfresco style living.

The GenOne, NextGen, Two Storey, Country Living and Stuart Everitt collections have been specially designed by international Architects Stuart and Justin Everitt. GenOne homes are designed for smaller blocks and are perfect for first home owners and those wanting the best in quality for everyday living. NextGen offers stunning contemporary homes brimming with style and inclusions that are true value for money while the Two Storey, Country Living and Stuart Everitt Collections offers larger homes & luxury for the 2nd and 3rd home buyers.

" I believe all families should benefit from affordable designed homes. Your home is a place to create memories and lifelong experiences. Through clever design, families benefit from central living areas naturally flowing from area to area. I’m proud to partner with McDonald Jones in creating smarter designs that answer the needs of modern lifestyles while embracing the delicate balance of daily family life".

Our Nominated Architect is Stephen John Rose

NSW Registration No: 4234  |  ACT Registration No: 2470  |  QLD Registration No: 4752

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