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Welcome to your new McDonald Jones home!

To help you settle in to your new home we have provided information on how to care for your new home and what to do in emergency situations or if you experience issues with appliances.

As part of our commitment to you, our Emergency Assistance Program has been specifically designed to give you peace of mind that if anything happens in your new home. Our team can be contacted to help you on 1300 552 846 for service requests and 1300 309 521 for emergencies, however if the concern is life threatening please call 000 for assistance.

Appliance related concerns

If your concerns are appliance related, make sure to check your Customer Portal or download our Manufacturer's Contact Information, as they will need to assist you.

As the proud builder of your new home, we are your first point of contact in regard to any defects that you would like to report and any rectification work that is required or any urgent matters that need attention.

When should I call for emergency assistance?  

To help you determine an emergency situation, here are some examples of when you should call us;

  • Burst water service or a serious water service leak
  • Fully blocked toilet where all toilets are affected
  • Serious roof leak
  • Gas leak
  • Dangerous electrical fault
  • Serious internal water leak causing damage (turn water off at mains as a first step)
  • Fault or damage which makes the premises unsafe or insecure
  • Failure or breakdown of electricity or water supply to the premises


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We have truly enjoyed the privilege of building your new McDonald Jones home and we can’t wait for you to live in your dream home!