Oslo Facade

Test drive your dream home at our new display locations

Oslo Facade

At McDonald Jones, we understand that nobody likes to buy a car without inspecting and driving it first, and the same rings true for a brand new home.

The exciting feeling of walking through your home-to-be and the opportunity to experience first-hand the way that our floor plans would easily cater to and compliment your lifestyle is something that can only be captured by visiting one of our Display Homes.

Therefore, we’ve made a commitment to expanding our Display Home locations and building more of our stunning designs so that you can experience the quality, craftsmanship and devotion that goes into every home that we build.

We have a huge, exciting year ahead of us. Over the next 12 months we have big plans to bring more of our architecturally designed homes to life in a range of great, new locations throughout NSW, the ACT and QLD.

We have already recently opened the doors to two brand new designs housed in the Campbelltown Campus of the University of Western Sydney in Macarthur Heights, Sydney. Featuring our stunning and award-winning Bordeaux Executive with Seville B facade and hugely popular Havana Executive with Balinese Tropicana B facade, both favourites from our NextGen Collection, our new Display Homes have already spiked the interest of many families, from near and far, looking to build their dream home.

“There’s nothing quite like test driving a McDonald Jones home. We have no doubt that you will leave impressed by the generous living spaces, luxury finishes and appliances, and the overall craftsmanship of our designs,” Sales Director, Phil Haigh said.

We will also shortly be opening Display Homes in Willowdale Estate (South-West Sydney), featuring some of our most stunning new designs, including our standout Milano Four 16 with Balinese Tropicana B façade, picturesque Seaside Retreat 16 with Contemporary facade and inspiring Havana Executive with Leon façade.

“At McDonald Jones Homes, we’re all about making dreams come true. We invite you to come along and experience some of our latest designs in our brand new, beautiful Display Home locations and start a conversation with our friendly staff about what you are looking for in the perfect home for you and your family,” Phil said.