Hampton Facade Whistler

The Rise of the Narrow Block

Hampton Facade Whistler

Australia has long been well known for having cities and sprawling suburbs with wide blocks and large back gardens. While that was true fifty years ago, today it's increasingly common that Aussies live in homes that are confined to a narrow block. This is found especially in desirable inner-city locations, where the cost of land is high. Slowly, Australia is coming into line with world standards, where narrow block homes are the rule more so than the exception.

We believe just because a home is built on a narrow block doesn't mean it has to feel squashed and confined. McDonald Jones have invested much into research and consultation to create a wonderful range of narrow block homes – we invite you to visit our Narrow Block Home range here

Where Did Narrow Blocks Come From?

Australia has had at least some narrow block housing for decades. Near the centre of most of Australia's capital cities, you'll find narrow Victorian terrace houses on plots of land. This is especially the case in old industrial areas and the inner suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney. Originally, these houses were built for factory workers, but today they're some of the most sought-after properties in the country.

These old-style, narrow block homes have many drawbacks. They can be noisy, cramped, and often much of the floor space feels as though it is being wasted on a hallway. The narrow block homes of today are different and, in many regards, better and more desirable.

The Advantages Of New And Improved Narrow Block Homes

With breakthroughs in design and architecture, new styles of home being built on narrow pieces of land feel bigger and better than ever. The modern expectations of open-plan design allow for a greater sense of flow and community in a shared space.
This means where possible spaces are combined, like kitchens which are attached to dining rooms, creating bigger contemporary rooms, making entertaining easier and more enjoyable like in our new Whistler design which features a rear home entertaining hub complete with open plan Kitchen, Dining and Family space which flows to the Alfresco or into the Home Theatre. The Bedrooms are upstairs along with a Children’s Activity and wonderful Master Suite.

Gardens And Garages In New Narrow Block Homes

Just because a home is built on a narrow piece of land doesn't mean you have to forego a garage, or a wonderful outdoor space. For those who really want to go all-out on a narrow block, there's also the option of building up and putting a second story level in the design like in the Lawson built for a 9m wide block featuring a stunning 4 Bedroom, two-storey home with a Home Office, incredible Master Suite, single garage plus numerous smart spaces and storage throughout.

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Homes for Narrow Blocks

Whistler 30 - Two Storey Home Design - Avenue Facade by McDonald Jones


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Espera- Belmore Facade


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