Mid century modern styling
Mid-Century Magic!
Mid century modern styling

Mid-century interior styling became huge in the 1930’s and 1960’s, and now we are seeing an increase in popularity of mid-century interior décor that made an impact long ago.  The mid-century trend isn’t going away anytime soon, and with a modern spin on this old-fashioned favourite, you can turn your dream home into a blast from the past.  

Here are our top tips on how to create this style in your new home.

1. Functional flooring

Mid-century modern is all about practicality. This styling places a huge emphasis on function and has been strongly derived from nature and organic influences.  Flooring in your home needs to be functional, being the most walked on surface.  When selecting flooring, keep in mind this is a surface in your home that will last for years to come.  Choose something that pays homage to the style, however has the ability to change and adapt to the way you love to live.

Our pick: Quick Step Impressive Ultra Blackbutt laminate flooring or Notion Ice Semi Polished Porcelain Tile

2. Statement lighting

Lighting in a home is very important, has the ability to change the way your home feels and can help create the mood you are seeking to set.  Pieces that suit this styling best are often bold pieces that can double as a sculpture or design feature in your home. Choose a piece that shows elegance but makes a bold statement as soon as you walk through the door.

Our pick: Aksel 6 Light Pendant in Brass/Clear or Aksel 1 Light 250mm Pendant in Brass/Clear 

3. Graphic designs

Mid-century modern patterns are loud and proud.  Graphics designs that suit this styling are supposed to have you intrigued stand out as soon as you step foot in that room.  Choose patterns that are interesting, strong and unique.

If patterns are a little brave, stick to blocks of colour that can pack the punch!

Our pick: Taubmans Ochre Sun or Taubmans Baritone

4. Simple lines  

With the good and simple life in mind, mid-century modern interiors embrace organic styling, functionality and clean sleek lines.  This type of styling is no fuss and doesn’t include items that are unnecessary.  With this in mind, choose pieces that complement each other, but also have their own personality. 

Our pick: Roca Inspira Round Semi Inset No Taphole 370mm White and/or Round Mirrors.


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For more information about styling and creating your own mid-century magic in your own home, speak with your MyChoice Interior Design Consultant.