How to Create a Room that Changes with the Seasons

How to Create a Room that Changes with the Seasons

How to Create a Room that Changes with the Seasons

Things that change tend to grow into something better while things that stay the same can get stale and boring. Decorating your home, whether it’s with paint, art, decorative pieces or all three, are ways you can change your room with the season and continue growing. How exactly do you do that? Let’s take a look.

Use Your Walls as a Canvas

You can use your walls to reflect the changing seasons. This works best if you have a neutral colour throughout most of the room, and a feature wall - this way you don’t need to paint the whole room when the season changes, only one wall. Alternatively, you can do this semi-annually rather than with each season, having bright and dark contrasts between the warmer and cooler seasons.

Decorate Your Mantelpiece, Furnishing and Hang Art

Placing accent pieces throughout your home is a quick and effective way to decorate your house to match the season. There are a few ways you can do this. One way is to display items that match the seasons. For example, display seashells in summer, flowers in autumn, pine cones in winter and bright colours in spring. Alternatively, you can match an array of decorative pieces by colour to the season; darker, richer colours in winter, bright in summer, varied in autumn and lighter colours in spring.

To enhance these effects, hang art that accentuates the decorations you have. In summer that can be a beautiful painting of the sea and in autumn it can be a bouquet of flowers.

Quick Tips

You don’t have to go all out to make effective seasonal changes to a room. These quick and inexpensive tips will bring style to your home in every season:

  • Switch decorative pillows, slipcovers or curtains.
  • Put warmer and cosier sheets on your bed in winter.
  • Place a bowl of seasonal fruit on the kitchen counter.
  • Layer rugs in winter and bring out blankets.
  • Use brighter plates and table linen in summer.
  • Bring out your candles in winter or autumn.
  • Grow plants that bloom in different seasons.

How You Can Build an Adaptable Room

McDonald Jones builds homes you can customise to meet your needs - so you can design a living room or kitchen that is adaptable and changes with the seasons. Our design experts, interior stylists and electrical specialists will work with you to make your vision a reality. You can select your home’s colours, fixtures, appliances and much more to make every room match you and your seasonal lifestyle.

A home that changes with the seasons is a home that is alive with energy, and will remain interesting for you, your family and your guests. Follow these principles and tips and you will feel the energy of your home match the season.

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