Dining Room Decor

Dining Room Décor: Top Trends to Think About

Dining Room Decor

Dining rooms are an important place for the whole family. The dining room is a significant space that is used to come together after a long day and also as a space for entertaining friends and family. You want your space to not only fit into your interiors but fit the trends of dining room décor and feel like a cosy, homely space. Here are a few of the top trends to keep in mind when researching DIY dining room décor trends: comfortable seating, quirky ornaments, round tables, green plants, natural looks and open spaces. 

Comfortable Seating

Dining room decor

For some reason, in the past, comfort was not a priority. Get rid of the rigid chairs and not-to-be-touched furniture and instead choose more cushioning and comfort! A dining room is meant to be enjoyed and that’s why the new dining room décor trends are all about liveable spaces, comfortable chairs, cosy tables and a sense of warmth. Make this a space for the whole family, bring together your loved ones and make your dining room somewhere you want to be!

Quirky Ornaments & Interior Accents

Quirky ornaments and interior accents like rugs or pillows create a cosy ambience. Find dining room décor ideas on Pinterest, Tumblr or interior design websites and see that patterned rugs, mismatched throw pillows, antique furniture, warm lighting and thrifted interior accents are again a thing of the present. This is a chance to show your personality, find unique treasures and make your guests speechless with the array of stunning interior features.

Plants & Rounded Edges

Dining room decor

Round tables, rounded edges and curved shapes are all current trends for modern dining rooms. Some people prefer sharp edges, corners and squares but when looking for dining room décor ideas, consider the curve as a more inviting shape. Curves are less harsh and actually can create a cosier and intimate dining room experience. Have your Christmas lunch on your new curved dining room table this year and discover the difference. As well as this, what makes a home more homely than indoor plants? It’s no surprise that over lockdown, indoor plant sales boomed. Plants create a beautiful sense of life that comes with bringing the outdoors, indoors and helping with oxygen flow and easing anxiety. 

Natural Tones & Materials

Easy DIY dining room décor is all about natural tones this year. Whether you love to upcycle furniture, thrift hidden gems or you just have a thing for wood and wicker, natural tones and materials are great for modern dining rooms. With wicker accents, light and airy vibes blend in with the rest of the house and create an inviting space. Wicker and wooden furniture also blend in perfectly with indoor plants implementing a natural flow throughout the room!

Open Plan Spaces

Dining Room Decor

Also becoming very popular with new house builds in New South Wales, both in the city and at the beach, are open plan spaces. When it comes to dining rooms, this is the perfect opportunity to design a space that flows into another. Your dining room may feature huge windows and sliding doors to your outdoor space, giving you the opportunity for alfresco dining in the warmer seasons; or your dining room may flow naturally into the lounge room, inviting movie nights after dinner. By introducing an open plan style of dining, you will amplify the feeling of space and create effortless flow between the main areas of living.

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