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Things to Consider when You Walk Through a Display Home

San Marino Executive 16- Master Suite

There are few things more exciting than building a brand new home that is perfectly suited to your family’s needs and style; however, this process takes time and careful deliberation to ensure you’ve considered all of your options. Here’s a guide to visiting a display village and making the most of your time while you browse different home designs.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Making (and sticking to) a budget is arguably the most important aspect of choosing a home design. You need to know exactly what you can and can’t afford before you visit a display village, and this will stop you from daydreaming about homes that are out of your financial reach. You can use our budget planner to figure out what kind of repayments are within your capabilities!

Determine Your Exact Needs

Before you step foot in a display home, it’s crucial that you’ve worked out what you want and need in a home. Take the time to imagine your future lifestyle and inspect homes that you could see yourself living in now and later on down the track. Will your family grow? Do you need additional space for guests? How much storage do you need? What kind of yard will suit your lifestyle? Asking yourself these questions will stop yourself from wasting time with inadequate display homes or making a huge financial decision that doesn’t serve your future self.

Things to Bring With You

Make sure you come fully equipped with everything you need to explore a display home. Bring a pen, paper and a camera with you so you can jot down notes and take plenty of photos. This will prevent you from forgetting the minor differences between display homes, and help you check each house against your list of requirements. Take your time as you walk through the village so you can get a complete picture of what each one offers.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Ask about what’s included and see what can be customised to suit your needs. Spend time talking to the consultants onsite to check what’s standard and what might cost extra.

Find a Home that Feels Right for You

Pay attention to how the display home makes you feel. Imagine yourself living in the space, moving from room to room with your family. Buying or building a home is a major investment and it needs to reflect who you are and what you need. Make sure you have fun with the process, it should be exciting!

McDonald Jones Homes is proud of each one of our home designs, and it’s imperative that we provide you with the home of your dreams. Visit one of our many display home locations around NSW and Canberra to speak with a professional consultant. Call us on 1300 555 382 to book a time to visit, or send us a message online if you have any further questions.