Stuart Everitt in a McDonald Jones home

Meet Stuart Everitt

Stuart Everitt in a McDonald Jones home

When Stuart Everitt enrolled in a Diploma of Architecture in England, he discovered a design philosophy that shaped the way he continues to design homes until this day; Function with Form. Read more about how this design reshaped modern Australian home design.

Stuart explains why this simple notion of Function with Form is the backbone to all his designs. “Designing a home is about longevity. It’s natural our home should adapt to our changing needs.”

After years of success in England, a family visit to Perth in the late 60s, changed Stuart’s view of life in Britain.  From cold dank streets to intense sunlight, crisp clean air with unparalleled space and optimism.

While the McDonald Jones team was doing a fact-finding trip around Australia, looking at new architectural styles, they met Stuart and the relationship was born.

Stuart immediately took to smarter, practical and stylish home designs that have reshaped the kitchen and family living spaces as the hub of modern Australian living. Stuart still lives his philosophy “I design every home as if I’m living in the home myself. You see how the space unfolds and how the rooms connect.”

At over 70 years of age, Stuart is going from strength to strength and his legacy of smarter stylish design evolves as our needs change.

“I mentioned to the McDonald Jones Directors that (renowned architect) Frank Lloyd Wright did his best work at 70.” Their response in dry laconic style: “Can’t wait!”

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